Monday, April 21, 2014

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Poems

Start with the basics. The order doesn't really matter. 
Just be sure what you write makes sense.

Who: my daughters
What: danced and sang
When: non-stop Saturday
Where: all over my house
Why: because they are in love with the movie Frozen

Then add descriptive language to make your poem "'delicious"

My lovely, sweet 3 and 5 year old daughters
(even though I asked them nicely to cease this incessant activity)
danced wildly and sang loudly, like stars on the big screen 
throughout the entire, sunny, Saturday
in every room of our room of our bright, yellow house
because they are in love with the movie Frozen,
a movie I now wish they could erase from their memory
and mine. That's right, girls, Let It Go,
PLEASE, Let It Go.

What does YOUR Who What When Where Why Poem say? Please share it with us in the Comments!


  1. to Mr, Pahl
    I like how you say what day is it and add non-stop and I like whan you say Let It Go,
    PLEASE, Let It Go at the end. And tell how old they are
    By Darren

  2. Who: Steve
    What: climb a stick
    Where: at my house in a cage
    Why: for the heck of it

    Steve, a spikey toothed lizard
    Starts climbing what looks like a polished stick
    Unknown timing because he always climbs his stick
    At my house in a giant wooden cage
    For the heck of it

    Sebastian R

    1. You have a lizard? Wow! That is so cool. You could always put "All the time" in your when column!

  3. Who: Steve
    What: found emerald
    When: last week
    Where: snowy mountain

    Steve, an odd person who loves golden butter!
    Digging in the ground and randomly found green emerald
    Last week
    Started at a snowy mountain
    Steve does not know why


    1. Cam, This seem so interesting to me. This poem makes me want to know more about Steve, he is like a mountain pirate finding treasure!

  4. Who: me!
    What: finding eggs
    When: Sunday morning
    Where: my big yellow house
    Why: it was Easter

    I was in
    My back yard searching and searching
    For colorful eggs that my parents hid for me
    And it was Sunday morning
    I was at my big yellow house
    It was Easter!

    1. Avarielle, This poem reminds me of my home during Easter. I love how you described your house as big and yellow!, I am picturing the most spring easter home, I can sense your excitement about Easter in your poem. Were the eggs eggs you died, or plastic eggs filled with a surprise?

  5. Who: Elan (my brother) and me
    What: passing a football
    Where: our yard
    Why: to get my brother ready for middle 8th grade football

    My amazing 8th grade brother Elan and I
    We’re passing a football on a sunny day
    In our grass filled yard under our old redwood tree
    To get my brother ready for rough 8th grade football
    By: Neri

    1. Neri, Sounds like you all are nice caring brothers by helping your brother get prepared for some rough football! I loved how you were detailed about the type of tree in your yard, it helped me picture you all passing the ball in my head. Do you think you will want to play football as well? This could be practice for you too!

  6. Who: Owen
    What: trying to see the Easter bunny
    When: Saturday night
    Where: on my bed
    Why: because I was tricking him

    My silly five year old little brother Owen,
    He was trying to see the Easter bunny he stares silently at the roof
    On the dark joyful Saturday night,
    because I was tricking him into thinking that the Easter bunny was already there

    1. Kayden, I love this poem! It is very sweet. I have an older sister who use to trick me like that all the time. You use great vocabulary in your poem, i love the description: dark joyful saturday night, I also like how you describe your brother as silly, good job!

  7. Who: Eden
    What: Dancing the disco
    When: Monday 3:30
    Where: At home
    Why: Heard to many Elvis songs

    Eden my cute little sister
    w dancing the disco
    on Monday at 3:30 PM
    at our tan/brown house
    apparently she had heard too many Elvis songs.
    By: Asher

    1. Dear Asher,
      I really; liked your poem because you used a lot of descriptive righting, (and because you used your little sister).
      Sarah M.

    2. Asher, I enjoyed reading your poem, I have such a funny picture in my mind when I read this poem, you sister seems like a fun friend to have around!

  8. Who: Elaine
    What: walking
    When: Easter
    Where: All over the house
    Why: To learn how to walk

    My silly one year old little sister Elaine,
    Was walking wildly, quickly
    On Easter day,
    all over my marshmallow colored house,
    because she wanted to learn how to walk.

    From, Anny

    1. Anny, I really liked how you used "marshmallow" as a word to describe your house! How creative. I never would have thought of that one. The word marshmallow is so much more fun than white. Good poem!

    2. Anny, I loved reading your poem, sounds like you have had a fun easter.I agree with what Mary said, I loved how you used the word Marshmallow to describe your house, that is so much more exciting than white or cream even! Great poem and great description on your sister learning how to walk, i can picture walking very unstable all over the place!

  9. Who: Who
    What: Dancing and singing
    When: Monday after school
    Where: Whoville
    Why: They love it

    A lovable, funny Who
    Dancing and singing like the talented Taylor Swift on stage,
    On Monday after the sort of boring and sort of fun school day,
    In the happy, crazy planet of Whoville,
    Because it may seem weird, but they love it like crazy.
    From, Kyle

    1. Dear Kyle,
      I love your Who What Where When Why poem I think you did a great job. Maybe you should share it with the school.
      Great job.
      Signature: Yolibeth

    2. Kyle, I am curious about your poem, did you recently watch the Lorax? or a movie about Whos or did you read a book that brought you to teh planet of whoville? I loved how you ended the poem with "it may seem weird, but they love it."

  10. Who: My baby brother Braydon
    What: was Dancing like a crazy baboon
    When: On Sunday
    Where: At my house
    Why: Because we listened to his favorite song “Dark horse “by Katy Perry.

    My adorable one year old baby brother Braydon,
    Was shaking and bopping his curly haired head like a crazy red baboon,
    On a sunny Easter Sunday,
    At my beige manufactured home,
    Because I played My baby brother’s favorite song “ Dark Horse” by Katy Perry on my sky blue tablet.

    1. Hi there!
      I really enjoyed reading your poem. The descriptions you used painted a great picture in my head, and I think it's funny your baby brother's favorite song is from Katy Perry! Keep up the great work!

      Thanks for sharing,
      Brittany (WWU student)

    2. Awesome use of vocabulary here! I laughed when I read the comparison of your brother to a "crazy baboon". I like that you not only described your brother, but paid attention to the details of the small thing like your "sky blue" tablet. Nice job!

  11. Who: Creeper
    What: Exploded my house
    When: Friday
    Where: At my house
    Why: I hit it and he got mad

    After a long Friday I’m at my house and start walking to my tablet
    I grab my pitch black Sony tablet and started up Minecraft
    I spawn in a deep hole and I yelled “WHY! I had diamonds!” With a squeaky voice
    “It had to be a creeper!” I keep yelling
    Why did this happen I said to myself
    Then I remembered yesterday I sneaked up behind a creeper and hit it and ran off
    I had to start everything over
    Then I started to get to work

    The End

    By: Ellis

    1. Dear Ellis,
      I like how you typed how your voice sounded like. Also I like how you describe the tablet.
      From, Anny

  12. The 3,000 year old Easter bunny was,
    Searching for the colorful eggs he dropped,
    In the dark foggy forest,
    So the nice kids could have a fantastic Easter.
    By, Maximus

  13. What: Is a football player
    When: since 1998
    Where: colts & broncos
    Why: he is good at football
    Who: Peyton Manning
    Peyton Manning is a very good quarter back
    He has been playing with the colts since 1998-2012 and with the broncos since 2012-2013
    His family history runs through out football

  14. Who: Me
    What: Me growing wings
    When: In the middle of the night
    Where: In my bedroom
    Why: A piece of enchanted ash floated onto my back during our family grill out

    It happened to me, yeah that’s right, it all happened to me,
    I grew huge paper Wight wings. (At the time, it actually made me feel like an angel floating on a fluffy cloud).
    I grew them right in the middle of the pitch black, dead silent night.
    They appeared while I was sitting there on the top of my loft reading Judy Blume,
    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.
    For some strange reason I had the wings because an enchanted piece of ash floated onto my back during our family grill out.

    This poem is by:
    Sarah M.

  15. Who: chocolate man with sprinkles
    What: bought some caramel to put in him
    When: 3000000bc
    Where : A dumpster with wolfs
    To: taste remarkable

    Chocolate man with sprinkles. He was 72% cocoa with rainbow sprinkles. Walk down the stone side walk to the metal dumpster . They had toxic waste and extreme wolfs. All he wanted was caramel to put in him. All so he could taste better but now smells like an old man

  16. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    That is very funny how you said let it go, girls, let it go, because that is a song on the movie. “let it go, let it go, I can’t hold it back anymore” is the part that they were singing.

  17. Dear Tori,
    Hi Tori while you were gone I made a who, what, when and why poems I made a minecraft poem


  18. Dear wwu students
    The Who What When Where Why poems are silly and remarkable.

  19. Dear, Sarah
    I liked your poem because you based it on a story that you had already wrote I mean I should know I am one of your best friends.
    From Asher

  20. Who: Annabella
    What: Had fun
    Where: Her friend Athena’s house
    When: Easter 2014
    Why: Easter egg hunt

    Annabella, an excellent student from Mr.Pahl’s class had fun at her crazy friends wooden house that she has known since preschool, April 20 2014 to be at a family Easter egg hunt.
    By: Annabella

  21. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I understand that my writing must make sense. And it does! I just decided to get a little crazy…
    One foggy midnight,
    Far in the country,
    A crazy, tye-dye circle
    Rolled down a green hill
    To get to Tokyo
    So he could eat wasabi.

  22. Who? Silas
    What? Went to a game
    When? At eight o’clock
    Where? At north side soccer field
    Why? To show them how’s boss

    Amazing Silas
    Went to a game
    At eight o’clock he played
    He played his game at north side field
    and showed all them how is boss

    From Silas

  23. Who? Alanis
    What? Eating doughnuts
    When? In the middle of the night
    Where? In bed
    Why? Can’t fall sleep

    Alanis, a long haired energetic girl, almost 10,
    lying in bed, in the middle of the night.
    Shivering like an armadillo in the arctic with my eyes wide open because I can’t go to sleep.

  24. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    Here’s my Who? What? When? Where? Why? Poem.
    Mr. Yax, a silly old man, acted like he was a rhyming man.
    Mr. Yax here ate mash mats.
    He ate his mash mats right after sunrise.
    Mr. Yax ate lonely in his upside down house.
    But the real question is why?........
    Because he….. had a tummy ache?


  25. Who: Barbarians
    What: Attacked the village
    When: In the sunrise
    Where: Grassy areas
    Why: To bring back barbarian king
    The barbarians had sharp swords as sharp as daggers.
    All 70 barbarians attacked the village with ghoulish faces on them.
    They attacked as soon as sunrise hit.
    They were in a grassy area so it was easy to sneak around.
    They finally found the groaning barbarian king and brought him back to their village.
    Sincerely, your student Eli

    1. Dear Eli,
      Your poem is very descriptive! I could picture the tall grass, and men hurrying get back their king. I wonder what inspired you to write this poem? I give it two thumbs up! Nice work.

      Thanks for sharing,
      Brittany (WWU student)

  26. Who? Yolibeth
    What? Got up
    When? Early that morning
    Where? Living room
    Why? To watch TV

    Yolibeth got up early that morning walking into the living room to watch TV.
    Signature: Yolibeth

  27. Who? Saturn
    What? Moved
    Where? Next to Pluto in space
    Why? Jupiter

    A lovely ringed planet, Saturn
    Moved quietly
    In 2014 at 12:00 p.m.
    Next to cold but kind hearted Pluto.
    Because big o’ll Jupiter was acting monstrous.
    Did you like them poem please let me know?
    By, Charlie

  28. Who? Peter Cotton Tail.
    What? Hid Easter Eggs.
    When? Easter Morning.
    Where? Roosevelt Park.
    Why? For kids.

    Rapidly Peter Cotton Tail,
    Hid colorful Easter Eggs,
    In the Morning sunlight,
    In Roosevelt Park,
    For kids to find later in the day,
    By Izabelle

  29. Who? Archers
    What? Picked up a bow
    When? Afternoon
    Where? In the middle of nowhere
    Why? To attack a village
    The Purple haired archers
    Picked up their elegant Golden bow and their sheath with flaming arrows inside
    In the middle of the day
    To attack a the deadly monstrous village and mirage their town hall with arrows and take their precious loot


  30. Who? A bird
    What? Woke up
    When? At 3am
    Where? In a dumpster
    Why? To find out he was covered by trash

    A bright yellow and green bird with wings like roses
    Woke up fiercely and smelly
    At 3am in the morning
    In a dumpster of trash
    To find out that he was trembled by pounds of trash

    From, Alex

  31. Who? Horse
    What? Ran around
    When? Sunset
    Where? Field
    Why? He does it every day

    The bay stallion
    swiftly galloped around
    the field with lushes green
    grass and blooming flowers
    at sunset
    to tire himself out before
    his bedtime

    By Miranda R.T. Slater

  32. Who: Steve
    What: Built a house
    When: In the morning
    Why: To not die
    Steve a black haired man, with a blue shirt.
    Built a house to protect him from the growling monsters.
    It was still morning “plenty of time, still”
    He didn't want to die on the first day so he built a house.

  33. Who? Commander J. Bob
    What? Ran behind seawall
    When? Early morning
    Where? D Day
    Why? Reload rifle

    Young pale Commander J. Bob
    Ran behind the muddy seawall
    In the early smoky morning
    On the grimy D Day beach
    To reload his rifle.

  34. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My mom hates it when I put frozen on because I say all the words to it.
    I like it when the giant from the shop says” YooHoo, Big summer blow out, half off swimming suits, glogs, and sun block in my adventure, ya!”
    I also like when aloaf says” I dont have a skull………or……….Bones”
    My favorite character is aloaf and ana.
    My favorite song is Do you wanna build a snowman, Let it go my sister loves let it go and she is 16 years old. My other favorite song is Love is an open door.
    From Evyn

  35. Who? Frost witch
    What? Picked up her spell book
    When? Break of dawn
    Where? The outskirts of a village
    Why? To attack for loot

    The tall Frost witch
    Picked up her enormous spell book
    In the break of dawn
    At the outskirts of a village to attack and steal their precious loot.

  36. Who? Commander J. Bob
    What? Ran behind seawall
    When? Early morning
    Where? D Day
    Why? Reload rifle

    Young pale Commander J. Bob
    Ran behind the muddy seawall
    In the early smoky morning
    On the grimy D Day beach
    To reload his rifle.
    From Benjamin

  37. Who? Little tank
    What? Drove up the hill
    When? Early morning
    Where? D Day
    Why? To win the war

    The green little tank
    Treaded up the mortar and bullet holed hill
    On an early smoky morning on the grimy D DAY
    To win the terrible war.
    From Benjamin

  38. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Who? Vanessa and Sarah
    What? Went to get food
    When? After school
    Where? At Dairy Queen
    Why? We had a enough money

    Sarah and I
    Went to get food for our stomachs
    After school we were famished and bored
    Dairy Queen was close to our house
    We had a enough money to buy what we wanted

    By Vanessa

  39. Who? Francis the puppet
    What? Awoke on a dark lightning filled night
    When? At midnight
    Where? In a abandon subway
    Why? To grab a bight

    It was November 1st and Francis the puppet awoke in a flash for it was a electric charged night and he woke up on a stained glass shelf around midnight in a abandon subway to grab a bight of stale left over saltines.
    By, Jaymeson

  40. Who? Angle
    What? Flew
    Where? The library
    When? Saturday
    Why? Read
    A lovely Angle faithfully flew. To the lovely lime green library at 2:00. To read rough ringing rebellious books, that will hook like a worm on a hook you from the first Inky word.
    By Bella Matthews

  41. Who? Francis the puppet
    What? Awoke on a dark lightning filled night
    When? At midnight
    Where? In a abandon subway
    Why? To grab a bight

    It was November 1st and Francis the puppet awoke in a flash for it was a electric charged night and he woke up on a stained glass shelf around midnight in a abandon subway to grab a bight of stale left over saltines.
    By, Jaymeson

  42. Who: Brandon
    What: Dancing happily
    When: At night
    Where: Mt. St. Helens
    Why: Jumping off

    When Brandon was outside he was dancing happily at night when the bright moon shining Brandon hopped on a bus so he could go to Mt. St. Helen's once the bus arrived Brandon jumped out of the bus and jumped off of Mt. St. Helen's ahhhhhhhhh SPLAT!

  43. Who? Monster
    What? Fell
    Where? The dump
    When? 1:00 a.m.
    Why? Not smart
    An ogely boogely purple nosed monster with a pencil yellow pencil tumbled down the candy bridge at 1:00 a.m. in the rotting dump because he did not know how to do math.
    By Bella Matthews

    1. What a creative poem! I loved reading it!

  44. Who? Tim
    What? Sprinted to the Batmobile
    When? During midnight
    Where? Top secret science lab
    Why? To genetically mutate people

    Tim, an exited man in his late twenty’s, sprinted to his Batmobile with his sidekick Brandon at midnight, and drove to the top secret science lab to genetically mutate people.

    From Tim.


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