Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trapped for the Night at School?

What would you do if you were trapped in school because of a snowstorm? 

Science Fair Ideas

Do you have an idea of what you want to do for the Science Fair? Sunnyland's Science Fair is March 19!

Here are a few resources to give you ideas: 

What are your ideas for Science Fair? What questions do you have? 

Rosetta: Trip to a Comet

They're going to try and land a spacecraft on a comet. 

Can you believe it?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whatcom Museum Movies

Our 4th graders traveled across town recently to the experience the Whatcom Museum Vanishing Ice Exhibit. Following the field trip, the students learned several technology skills; they put all these skills together to make movies with Animoto that documented their time at the museum.

Here are a few of the high quality videos some of our students produced:

Tubing Time by Sarah

Sarah enjoyed using Animoto so much that she asked her parents to download the Animoto app. After a great time tubing at Cypress Mountain outside Vancouver, B.C., she learned how to use the app to make this video of her time there. 

Photos and Video by Lauren McClanahan

This weekend, I went to Cypress Mountain up in Vancouver. It was very scary at first, but it was actually super-duper fun. My favorite part was when I went down the hill with my mom. Our tubes were connected, and we were holding on to each other's feet, so we didn't crash! We were going pretty fast! My dad was there, too. He bruised his tailbone in the process. (But don't worry, you won't bruise your tailbone if you do it right.) I would recommend it, even though the drive up there is so boring.

Sarah, thanks for sharing your adventure with us, and thank you for taking the time to create a video about it! I hope other students will try to do the same thing. -Mr. Pahl

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whatcom Museum - Vanishing Ice

The Whatcom Museum has a wonderful exhibit called Vanishing Ice at the Lightcatcher. (Good news! It's just been extended through March 16. Don't miss it!) We were excited to experience it because it integrates so many of the topics we are covering this year: 
  • Art: water color, photography, scale, perspective 
  • Science: the water cycle, watersheds, climate change, being good stewards of the environment, salmon, oceans
  • Literacy: reading and thinking about a topic, detailed writing about an experience, creating a story based on a piece of art, writing one's opinion
Thanks to students Ellis, Kyle, Izabelle, Silas, Sebastian, and Evyn for taking many of the photographs you see here!

All our students are working on creating slideshows of the day. I will choose a few to showcase here whe nthey are ready! Come back soon to check them out!

Wow! What's the story here?
How is climate changing around the world? What can WE do about it? 

Wow! Look at all those caribou! How will they continue to migrate if the ice disappears or if frozen rivers like this one thaw making it hard to cross? 

Time to make our own art! 

My favorite part of the field trip is creating art. We used water brushes and normal brushes to paint. There was different techniques like wet on wet and dry on dry. We had crayons in a light brown basket because we can draw on our piece of paper then we can paint over it. The black chairs that could move was very comfy, but every time I tried to stay in one spot, I just kept moving around. We made majestic artwork. -Charlize

We would like to say thank you to the donors and the foundation who made it possible for us to attend this field trip free of charge. It was a fantastic experience.   

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mathletics Certificate Winners!

Congratulations to last week's winners!

From the morning class: Tim and Izabelle

From the afternoon class: Asher, ?, Kyle, Mattias, and Ellis


Books and Breakfast

Thanks so much to Washington Reading Corps for hosting a Books and Breakfast event at Sunnyland today! If you go to Rocket Donuts, please thank them for making a donation to our school.

What a great turnout we had.

Did you attend Books and Breakfast? 
What did you think? Would you attend again? 
What stories would you recommend for the read aloud?

We Made Hummus!

Mara was back with another GREAT recipe!

Thanks to blogger: Benjamin for describing what we did.

In nutrition class we are making hummus. In the first part of class we learned how to read a nutrition label. 

The class starts moving their desks to make tables Eric gets his hand smashed in between two desks. Each group is using a different recipe the make the hummus. Miranda pours chickpeas into a bowl. Alex mashes up the chickpeas in a bowl. Angelina strips of the layers of some garlic. Eric cuts up the parsley at his table. Miranda scoops up some tahini and then lets Brody have a turn. Vanessa stirs salt, garlic, tahini, chickpeas, beats and cumin.
Cumin is an orange spice used in cooking. Brody said it smells good. 

Alex brings bowl of finished humus up to the top table. Everyone settles into their seat after they finish cleaning up.  Jaymeson said the first hummus tastes like peanut butter and lemon juice. 

our recipe

Hummus! on PhotoPeach

Thank you Common Threads Farm! 

Please comment!

Be sure to make observations rather than sharing whether you liked or didn't like the hummus.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

ABC Salad

This week's nutrition lesson: ABC Salad! Here is the recipe:

Thank you to Benjamin for blogging!

The class is making ABC salad in nutrition class. Right before the class started making the ABC Salad,  Evyn reminded us to wash our hands first!

Brody grates a beat on the grater for a while. Then he lets Gurparam do it.

The class gets to smell a bit of the vinegar. Some people some of the class said smelled like wine. 

Vanessa stirs vinegar and salt. At the far left corner table there is a bowl of grated up apple, carrot, and beat. 

Vanesa stirs the apple, carrot, and beat mixture. Maranda and Silas clean up the apple beat and carrot pieces on there desks. 

Mr. Pahl said that the salad tastes sweet and sour. Then he said the texture of the salad is like crunchy paper. 

We start to clean up. All of the left over salad is put in a separate bowl. Thank you, Mara and Common Threads Farm!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mathletics Certificate Winners!

Congratulations Mathletics Certificate Winners! 

From the morning class: Alex, Brandon, Tim, Angelina, Izabelle, Miranda, Eric, Eli and ?

From the afternoon class: Ellis, Sarah, Asher, Tori, ?, Maximus and Mattias

Keep up the good math work!