Friday, March 28, 2014

Measurement Mania!

Fourth grade math focus has shifted to all things Measurement. To help students learn the different units for both Standard and Metric Measurement systems, they created these slide shows consisting of items that would be measured using the appropriate units.

Standard Measurement

Evyn's Standard Measurement: Length video 

Eli's Standard Measurement: Weight video

Metric Measurement

Eric's METRIC Measurement: Length video

The students will continue working on these following Spring Break. Come back to see what else they create!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

February Slideshows

Some of the students used the pictures taken by our class historians to make videos of what we did in class during February. Here they are!

Perimeter and Area

Here is a good graphic and explanation of Perimeter and Area.

We did a walk around the classroom to help us remember what perimeter is:

Next we made snow angels to help us remember what area is: 

Area is the surface covered by a 2D shape. The snow angel represented the covered area. 


Congratulations to our Sasquatch Award winners for 4th grade Asher and Sarah! Asher and Sarah represented Sunnyland at the district-wide Sasquatch competition Wednesday. Stay tuned. They are writing a description of the contest for us and that will be posted here soon!

The Sasquatch Award  is an annual contest where students read as many of the Sasquatch finalists as possible. Then they answer trivia questions about the different texts. The teams at each grade level at their schools move on to the district competition. This year's Sasquatch Award finalists are:

The Dead boys
Buckingham, Royce
Erskine, Kathryn
The Midnight tunnel
Frazier, Angie
Charlie Joe Jackson’s guide to not reading
Greenwald, Tommy
Zita the spacegirl:Far from home
Hatke, Ben
Guinea dog
Jennings, Patrick
Inside out & back again
Lai, Thanhha
 Liesl and Po Oliver, Lauren
The Great wall of Lucy Wu
Shang, Wendy Wan-Long
Boys without names
Sheth, Kashmira
Aliens on vacation
Smith, Clete
The Boy at the end of the world
Van Eekhout, Greg

Congratulations Asher and Sarah!

Special Mathletics Award

This week in the mail, I received a fancy envelope in the mail from Mathletics. I was intrigued. This hadn't happened before. In it, to my surprise, were three very nice certificates from Mathletics. One was for Alex in the morning class, one was for Mattias in the PM class, and one was Angela, a fifth grader.

These special certificates were honoring these students for their success and amount of time spent on Mathletics. Not only have they had a high level of success on the different activities, they have also completed numerous activities in all of the various areas of Mathletics. This is a very special honor.

Great job, Alex, Mattias, and Angela!


Congratulations, Mathletics Certificate Winners!

Many students are still working hard on Mathletics both at home and at school. Congratulations on your hard work and effort.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time To Plan The Garden!

Mara was back today with an exciting edition of Nutrition/Garden time.

This week is the Harvest of the Month: POTATOES.

Mara presented the Potato PowerPoint from Whatcom Farm to School.

Potato Trivia!

Sam says...

This was last year's garden.

Using last year's garden to discuss and plan this year's garden.

Hmmm. What should we plant there?

Radishes or Cucumbers?

What grows well here in May? Let's check out the chart.

When to plant in Whatcom County.

What would YOU like to see in the garden?

Do you have a garden at home? What are you planting in it? 

If you could plant a garden at home, what would you like to plant? 

Metric Measurement Animoto

This Animoto of Metric Measurement terms will help you study and learn what Metric is all about.

Metric Measurement Memory Matching Game

If you would like to continue working on your Metric Measurement skills, here is the link to the site we used in class today. Remember, it should work on computers and mobile devices alike.

What is your best score so far? 

Measuring Metric with Bill Nye

We are beginning to learn the Metric System. Some of our students are struggling with it. Hopefully this helps simplify things a bit.

Science Fair!

Our students worked hard to create Science Fair Projects! Here are a few photos of students and their projects from the fair.

Our Outstanding Science Fair Project Winners! Congratulations!

Please comment! 

What is something you learned from participating in the Science Fair?

What was the best part of working on your project?

What troubles did you run into?

What do you think you might try to do next year? 

Which project did you see that was your favorite? Why?