Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunnyland Book Trailer Festival

Last night, several families and students came to Sunnyland to celebrate and watch book trailers they created! To learn more about the Sunnyland Book Trailer Project, check out

This is Mattias' book trailer for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

This is Annabella's book trailer for The Storybook of Legends: Ever After High

Miranda' book trailer for Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Liam made a book trailer, too! I am having trouble rendering it from PowerPoint, but I will get it on the blog as soon as it's ready. If anyone else makes a book trailer and wants it added to the blog or our Book Trailer Vimeo Channel, let me know. 

Emily and Tiffany, two WWU student teachers who helped make this event happen. Thanks so much for all your help! 

To watch all the book trailers created for the festival, go to the Sunnyland Book Trailer Festival channel on Vimeo. 


  1. Dear Mattias,
    Great job on the video you did. I thought it was cool. Maybe you can show me where I can find the book.
    Signature: Yolibeth

    1. Dear Yolibeth,
      You can find the book at barnds & noble in the kids section in the back. I loved the book you should read it. Did you know they are coming out with a third book?
      Sincerely, Mattias

  2. Dear Mattias,Annabella and Miranda,
    I think it’s great that you participate in this but I have two questions how long did it take and was it easy or hard
    From, Jackson

    1. Dear Jackson,
      I used power point so it was new to Mr. Pahl. It took about three to four days to make it. It was kind of challenging but not too hard.
      Sincerely, Mattias

  3. Dear: Mattias,
    I like the work you did telling how the story happen and how the goldfish become a zombie.
    Good job at making the book trailer for the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish.
    By: Darren

  4. Dear Miranda, Annabella, and Mattias,
    Your book trailers were terrific! All three of you did an excellent job.
    From, Amaya

  5. Dear Mattias,
    My big fat zombie goldfish looks like a fantastic book I sportive want to read that book can you tell me where you got that book?
    Sincerely, Danny

  6. Dear Mattias,
    My big fat zombie gold fish looks like a very funny book. My favorite part of that slide show is the part where the fish was in the fish bowl saying “help me”.
    From, Sebastian R

  7. Dear 4th graders,
    Miranda, Annabella, and Mattias, you guys were amazing. Annabella I loved yours most Mattias and Miranda’s tied. I liked them all and I don’t even think Mr. Pahl or Ms. Avera could do one better (No offence) I own the book that Annabella did. Over all to all of you guys great job!


    1. Dear Tori,
      I agree that Miranda,Annabela,and Mattias did great on their slide shows

  8. Dear Mattias, Annabella and Miranda,I think it's so cool that you guys were able to make these book trailers. As a future teacher, I'm always on the search for new books to add to my library. Watching your guys' trailers was much more fun than reading the summaries on the backs of books. Much more interesting to here your guys' summaries:) Keep up the good work!
    From, Mary

  9. Dear Mattias,

    I love the colors you chose for your book trailer, the green back ground seemed fitting for the zombie book, did you plan that? If so, I recommend to continue to color coordinate your trailers, helps the viewer feel that they are really getting a great preview for your story!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Meagan (Student from Western)

    1. Dear Meagen,
      I agree with you was it color coroneted?
      From, Maximus

  10. Dear Annabella,
    I really enjoyed the pictures you used in your book trailer! I love Disney and having the pictures helped me to connect what I know about Disney characters to who might in the book. This book sounds very suspenseful! Great job with your book trailer!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Brittany (student from Western)

  11. Dear Mr. Pahl
    How you been? How was the book trailer and is Emily and Tiffany in your class? Also how kid did the book trailer?

  12. DEAR Tiffany/Emily,
    I think it’s really cool that you helped make the book trailer night happen thank you and thanks for participating in our class blog


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