Friday, February 26, 2010

February 22-26

What We Learned, Explored, and Discovered This Week

In math, students in room 12 explored, drew, and labeled the attributes of quadrilaterals. We also studied, compared, and measured angles.

Did you know that a TON of things in the world have right angles?

It was the end of our Geometry unit, so on Friday, we took the end of unit assessment. We will compare our results to the pre-test we took before the unit began. It is exciting because everyone learned a lot and improved their scores!

In science, we are studying the properties of water. We learned about evaporation and condensation. We are doing an experiment to see what effect air and temperature have on the rate of evaporation.

In reading, we are learning about non-fiction texts and ways they are different from fiction texts.

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis is our new chapter book. Many students think the best part so far is when Elijah and his best friend Cooter put a frog in his mom's sewing basket. She reaches in to get the sweater she has been working on and pulls out the frog. She's so scared that everything in the basket goes flying. Elijah thought he was going to get switched (spanked), but instead, his mom and dad put a snake in a cookie jar and offer Elijah a cookie. He runs off into the woods and doesn't realize until he stopped that he still holding on to the snake!