Friday, April 29, 2011

Salmon Glogs!

The students in room 12 have been using a great site, Glogster, to synthesize their learning about salmon. Lks to a few examples of students' work is below.

Dominique and Jenny




Please comment! Have you used Glogster before? What do you like about it? What did you think of our Salmon Glogs? Did you learn anything about salmon? Have you studied any creatures that have similar life cycles?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rylan's Letter From the President

Earlier this year, Rylan watched the State of the Union address made by the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Rylan is really passionate about justice and equality, so he wrote a letter to President Obama imploring him to make some changes in government that would help more people. Not long ago, Rylan received a response from President Obama written on official White House stationery. Needless to say, Rylan was pretty excited, so he brought the President's letter in to share with us.

Please comment! If you wrote a letter to the President of the United States, what would you want to tell him? Is there anything you would ask him for? Are there other famous people you would like to write to? What would you want to tell them, or what would you want to know about them?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break

This year, my Spring Break was pretty exciting. It wasn't because I went on a special trip or that I did anything particularly fun. It was exciting because my wife and I were anticipating the birth of our second child, and we had no idea when it would arrive. Due to this, we stayed close to home and spent a good amount of time with Luna and getting the house ready for new baby. It's amazing how much stuff a new, little baby needs. She has to have tiny diapers, a small, snuggly place to sleep, comfy hats to keep her little head warm, safe toys for her to play with, books for mom, dad, and Luna to read to her (of course), and many other things. I  enjoyed greatly my time with Luna. While we were away from school, we played outside, worked in the garden, visited the library, and made blueberry pancakes from scratch. I am including a few pictures from the week and a few more pictures of baby Grace. I hope you like them. I also hope you're having fun with Mrs. B. and that you are making excellent learning choices.

Be Good Humans.

Mr. Pahl

These are sand dollar tracks in the water at low tide. Do you see the big "c shape" in the middle of the picture? There is a sand dollar at the top part of the "c." On this day at Semiahmoo Spit, we found sand dollars everywhere.

This is a dead ray that had washed up on shore.

Luna was ecstatic to run and play in the water. She also enjoyed looking for crabs and sand dollars.

Semiahmoo is a fantastic place for bird watching. Today we spotted gulls, bald eagles, cormorants, and many different kinds of ducks.

Luna digs in the garden daily. Here she is on the hunt for worms.

Helping daddy plant basil seeds.

Baby Grace's last check up today before leaving the hospital. The doctor said she looked and sounded great.

Grace was happy to hear the news.

Heading home.

Ahhh. Content to be home finally and resting on mommy.
Please comment! What is something memorable about your Spring Break? What did you do? Who did you see? What do you like about babies? What questions do you have about babies?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mr. Pahl Has A New Daughter!

Grace Ann was born at 9:58 on Saturday morning. Mom and baby are doing terrific. Mrs. "B" will be with you the next couple of weeks while I am at home helping Lynnelle and spending time getting to know my new baby girl. I will miss you, but I'll see you soon. Here are a few pictures.

Mr. Pahl

Not long after she was born. She is doing what little babies do most: sleep.
Luna was thrilled to meet her new little sister.

Daddy is pretty excited, too.

Luna sang "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and Grace stopped crying. She takes the big sister thing pretty seriously.

Chillin' with dad on Day 2.

"Daddy, stop taking so many pictures!"

Taking a snooze.