Sunday, May 4, 2014

Children's Art Walk

The Bellingham Art Walk is a monthly affair that occurs the first Friday evening of each month. Every May, the Bellingham Art Walk becomes the Children's Art Walk and art from children all over Bellingham is posted in the windows of businesses throughout downtown.

This year, local artist and author, Mat Hudson, selected to work with Sunnyland fourth graders on a project he called Monster Mash! 

Our fourth graders created monster pictures from their imagination. Mat collected them and took them to other local artists who created a piece inspired by the students' works of art. Sometimes, the monsters were similar and other times they varied. What a fun, collaborative project! The finished pieces were displayed downtown in the Make.Shift Art Space.   

Here are some images from the night of the Art Walk. Thank you, Mat and to all the artists who participated in the project!


Maximus was there at the same time I was! 

Later, I ran into Avari. Isn't her face painting lovely?

We found the third graders' and fifth graders' art later in the evening. 

This was Luna's favorite. 

Grace really liked this flower! 

 We had a great night and can't wait again until next year. Thank you Bellingham for putting on this event! 


  1. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I really wanted to see my art work but my parents were too busy to take me. I wanted to know if mine doesn't get sold would I keep my picture and the artist’s picture?

  2. Dear bloggers,
    If you went to the make shift art studio please tell me your favorite monster drawing by an artist and your favorite drawing by a fourth grater.

    From, Silas

  3. Dear fourth graders,

    I drove there with my dad and we saw all the amazing pieces. Mine was a whole puppet. The other artist had every detail on it, even the shark teeth! This was a total success and I congratulate all of us.

    Sincerely, Miranda

  4. Dear Avari,
    Wow! I really liked you’re make up. Was there a face painting area or something? I also love that blue you have for eye shadow.
    From, Izabelle

  5. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    How was the Monster Mash ? What was your favorite picture that fourth grade did? Also did your wife went with Luna ,grace and you Mr. Pahl ? Please write me back.
    From Angelina

  6. Dear 4th grade,
    The monsters that we made are pretty amazing! My favorite is the one with a money bag as a head. Pretty creative! I also like the deer tree sort of thing, with a bow-tie and big eyes, that one is confusing, but cool! What is your favorite?

  7. DEAR Evyn,
    I like how your monster was looking down with Its mouth wide open it amazing like a monster owl

    By: Brandon

  8. Dear Everyone,
    I went there and it was so cool. I loved Mattias’s art, he had a lot of texture on his drawing and volume. Mine was the swirly monster with lots of beautiful colors. I loved all of them.

    From, Evyn

  9. Dear 4th grade,
    Your art work was amazing and you should be proud of what you made besides who cares if your painting doesn't get sold. It means you get to keep your art work for free.
    From, Annabella

  10. Dear 4th Grade,
    Fantastic drawings at the monster mash. They all look very cool. I wish we could see all of them. It’d make the perfect monster mash. My favorite was the big furry on really interesting and creative to see. But they were all creative.
    From, Eli

  11. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I agree Mr. Pahl Grace does love the flower.
    From, Brody

  12. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Did you have fun at the Monster Mash? Was a graveyard smash? Did you down to the basement? If you did can you tell me what it was like? I didn’t go on Friday night because of a football game. Then Silas, my Mom, my Brother and I drove there on Saturday. Finally did you have fun!
    From Alex,

  13. I’m really wondering why did the fold a paper mummy for Mikes monster It is also a mummy! I also am wonder why did they put a Mask for Brian’s monster there is a great resemblance

  14. Dear Brody,
    I love your painting. It is so awesome. How anyone can anyone say no to that painting.
    Brody what I like about your painting is that it’s made out of money. That is so cool who could of thought of that.
    You’re welcome.
    Signature: Yolibeth

    1. Dear Yolibeth,
      The money mummy was not by Brody’s it was mine.

  15. Dear WWU students and class,
    What wonderful pictures you took of the artwork that was being displayed. Did you like the art museum? What piece of art was your favorite? If you are a student that did art did you like the other artist’s piece?
    From ,Charlie

    1. Dear Charlie,
      I did not go to the art walk; it had no art of mine anyway. But my favorite piece on the blog was the one made into a mask. What a great idea to turn a painting into something you can wear! I wish I could’ve gone to the Art Walk.
      From, Sam

  16. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I really liked the picture of the mask. It had a lot of detail in it. I wonder who made it because I would totally bye that if I had chance.

    From, Tim.

  17. Dear, Mike

    I really like the money monster and you did add a lot of detail to you’re monster is really good.


    1. Dear David,
      Thanks, did you make one? If you did what one is yours?

  18. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I did not go because I had gone earlier. I liked the bunny bandit and his gang of lagomorphs. I wish I could have bot the recreation of my monster. In the end I had a great time.
    Sincerely, Mattias

  19. Dear 4th grade,
    I really liked Mikes because it was made of money. I also liked Brian’s and how the artist made it into a mask. I think everybody did a good job on their artwork.
    From, Maximus


  20. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I’m guessing the art walk was really fun I wish I could have gone. Was the only painting they put up on the art walk the monsters that we made? I hope the portraits that we made in Ms. Avera’s class went up in the art walk.
    - Sarah H.

  21. Dear students,
    I didn’t go to the Monster Mash but I saw pictures. I saw mine on my ants phone it looked crazy it had a real face a floating top hat and Wolverine claws, Thors hammer and all this craziness! And the pictures on the blog are fantastic!
    Sincerely, Ellis

  22. Dear fourth grade,
    I loved to see your art at the art walk. I wonder if mine sold. I was very lucky to meet my artist and she made a very alike painting to mine but a lot more realistic. I loved how in Mike’s drawing was a man made out of money and then the artist just made it out of real paper dollars.


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