Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Flowers

The fourth graders planted bulbs last fall with Ms. Avera. They have bloomed and are so pretty and colorful.

What do you think?


  1. I think the Bloomed flowers are beautiful! They look really colorful! I really like that we planted the bulbs by the street. I like all of them especially the one I planted!

    1. Dear Eric,
      I also love all the flowers, but how can you tell which flower is the one you planted.
      Sincerely, Izabelle

  2. To Sunnyland Elementary,
    They are so beautiful wow and I didn't even know I was planting something that great and pretty.
    From, Benjamin

  3. Dear Ms. Avera,
    These flowers are so beautiful! Thanks for letting us plant these pretty flowers. I forgot which flower I planted, though.
    -Charlize :)

  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    In April I got to go to the Tulip festival. I saw a lot of different colors, the colors I saw was pink, red, purple, yellow and some tulips with a mixture of white and a little bit of pink. I had so much fun at the Tulip festival, but I was a little warm because it sunny when I was at the festival.
    By: Anny

    1. Dear Anny,
      I have gone to the tulip festival before and I also had a lot of fun. Did you go into the flower garden where there are just tulips and I think maybe other types of flowers? I love all of the wonderful colors and shades of colors. I wish I could go this year but my mom was in England and we had other plans.

    2. Dear Anny,

      That's great. I didn't get to go to the festival this year, but I go most years. I love getting pictures at sunset of the beautiful colors. Yes, there are mostly tulips but there are also daffodils and other early spring flowers. I don't know the names of all of them either.

      Mr. Pahl

  5. Dear, Ms.Avera
    The tulips were very nice I think the class and you did very good planting the tulips

  6. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    So many people have taken our beautiful flowers and now we don’t have nearly as much flowers we had then.
    Sincerely, Izabelle

  7. Dear class,
    All those flowers look beautiful in the front of our school. Hopefully people feel the same thing. What are all the flowers? This doing is optional.
    From, Eli

  8. Dear Mr. Pahl and Ms. Avera,
    Ms. Avera the 3rd picture that somebody took was beautiful how it catches the sunlight. Plus my mom and I drove to the Tulip Festival and watch our most favorite tulips.

  9. Dear Anny,
    I was at the tulip festival too! Although I don’t remember seeing you there. But I did see all of those colors. I just wish I brought a water bottle.

    From, Tim.

  10. Dear Mrs. Avera,
    I’m glad we had the opportunity to plant these flowers. I’m also surprised how fast the flowers grew except when they bloomed most people started picking them. I hope we can plant flowers next year again.
    -Sarah H.

  11. Dear Tim,
    I also drove to the tulip fest good thing I had a cherry coke. I hated the huge line it took about thirty minutes to get in. I’m pretty sure that anyone under ten gets in free. Well it wasn’t the best time of my life because the food was a rip off and it was Sunday so last day of the weekend so it was packed.
    By: Jackson

  12. Dear 4th grade,
    The flowers are so beautiful I love the colors of them! I’m pretty sure we planted them at the beginning of the year, right?
    Sincerely, Ellis

    1. Dear Ellis,
      I agree with the color the color looks so beautiful and they are all big and tall. I remember when they were just seeds.
      Sincerely, Danny

  13. Dear Sunnyland fourth grade,
    Can you believe that we have over 10,000 people visiting our blog!? That is so exciting! It is kind of like we are famous. I am really proud of us and our terrific posts. We have all done a really awesome job.
    Sincerely, Amaya


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