Friday, October 25, 2013

What Is Bullying?

Please Comment

What are some things you learned about bullying?

If something bad happens that is not bullying, does that mean you shouldn't tell a grown up? 

Deciding not to be a bully isn't enough. What is something we can all do to help stop bullying? 


  1. Hi 4th grade! Ms. Caudill here :) You guys had so many great ideas that were shared with eachother and the whole class. I look forward to seeing the comments posted on here and in class when I visit again this Wednesday. It will also be our chance to see what happens next in our "Weird!" series...

    P.S. Thank you Mr. Pahl for creating this video. SO cool to see learning in action!

  2. Dear fourth grade.
    I think that we can stop bulling by being a friend.
    Don’t treat others with disrespect.
    Also be nice to others
    We can stop bulling
    From Silas

  3. Dear 4th graders,
    Ms. Caudill also teaches us about bullying in Ms. Avera’s class, too. We enjoy the books, “Weird,” “Dare,” and “Tough.” Let’s stop bullying, now!
    Keep In Touch,

  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Thant you for putting that bullying video on. That gave me A feeling that I need to stop bullying when it happens. I have stopped bullying but this video made me have more of A feeling to help others.
    From ,Sebastian R


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