Monday, October 21, 2013

Marvelous Mathletics

Sunnyland's Fourth Grade "Mathletes" have been hard at work using our new online math supplement: Mathletics

10 students from the morning class have earned Bronze Certificates for collecting more than 1,000 points on the program in a week. Points are earned from answering questions correctly and from the amount of time spent on the program. A couple of students even earned more than one certificate! 

Three students from the afternoon class earned certificates. Way to go!

Angelina, Darren, and Gurparam have all been listed in the USA: Top 100 Students for points earned.

And look at this...

We made it to the USA: Top 50 classes! Thanks for your hard work, Mathletes. Keep it up!


  1. Dear 4th graders

    Lets try to get to the top ten on(


  2. Dear 4th graders and Mr.Pahl,
    You could aim for first in world top 50 classes try to aim for number 1 make number 1 our slogan?
    . And try to make our class number one in top USA students. aim for NUMBER 1!



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