Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mathletics Update

The 4th graders are working hard on math using Mathletics! Some students are nearing the end of the first unit just in time for our First Quarter Math Test.

Here are the latest students to win certificates because of their hard work:

Congratulations, Silas! You're our first Silver Medal award winner!

Congratulations to all our students for their hard work in math. 

Please comment!

What are some things you have learned in math this year?

What's the best part of Mathletics? 

What do you like most about math?


  1. Dear fourth grade class
    I think that both of our class getting tons of awards from mathletics is super I hope all of us can get awards.
    From Silas

    1. Dear fourth grade,
      I would like to know how good you are at math please solve this question.
      I have 937 mincraft blocks divide it by 9 to find how many blocks I need to build my tower

      From Silas

  2. Dear PM class I saw a lot of Mathletic certificates and seeing all those I assume you did great. From Jaymeson

  3. Thank you everyone who is getting rewards from mathletics because you are doing your job and you are paying attention to your monitor so you can learn things and be a better student in class, if you have got in rewards I want so say “ Thank you “ in all languages in the world for your smartness in your class for you have been paying attention.
    From: Annabella

  4. Dear Silas,
    Congratulations all your hard work really paid off keep it up you just might get an even better score!!!!!
    From Izabelle,

  5. Dear fourth grade,
    I think Mathletics is a great way to help us for math. Also nice job Silas for being the first one getting a silver.
    from, Ellis

  6. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My favorite thing about Mathletices is that it’s a fun way to learn math instead of Mr. Pahl saying “2+6=8” and speaking marshion. Live Mathletices is my favorite thing to do because you can challenge your friends at math. Level 1 is my favorite because it’s easy to cream my friends.


  7. Dear Silas,

    Congrats! Glad you got the very first silver award! Now can you try consuming a gold award?

    Sebastian R


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