Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Learning to Be Good Learners!

Too many people, students and adults alike, think that "being smart" is something that you just are - or aren't.  What we are working very hard to help our students realize is that EVERYONE can learn. EVERYONE can be smart.

Good learning happens when people use strategies on a consistent basis. Those people who most of us think of as being smart use these strategies all the time.

What does learning look like in 4th grade?


Making GOOD observations

Asking questions

Checking our work

Coming prepared and being sure we have done quality work

Discussing different ideas

Celebrating our successes and correcting our mistakes

Working together

Quietly sharing about our thinking

Thinking about and analyzing what we find
  All students can use these strategies to be successful.

We are working hard to make sure everyone in our learning community does just that.


  1. Dear Fourth Graders,

    Have you ever started class with an idea about something (maybe that there is nothing inside a seed) and then, during or after a lesson in class you change your idea (maybe now you think there is a baby plant inside of seeds)? Well this is another way we can be great learners! It is a great thing to change your ideas while you are learning. That's what learning is all about! Also, it is a good learning strategy to think about how your ideas have changed. Thinking about how your ideas have changed is something called metacognition!
    Have you ever heard of metacognition?
    What types of ideas have you changed in your learning this week? I'd love to hear about some great learning!

    Thank you,
    Mr. Pahl's WWU student

  2. Dear readers,
    A strategy I've used as a learner that helps me remember what I've learned is to take notes. I take a small notebook with me to my classes and whenever I've heard something or seen something that I want to remember, I'll make a note to myself. This can be either a few sentences, one word, or a small picture. This strategy helps me to think about the things I've learned and reminds me later of what I wanted to remember!
    What learning strategies work best for you?

    Mr. Pahl's WWU student

  3. Dear Fourth Graders,
    These are all great ideas for how to be a great learner. I think that another characteristic of a great learner is not only participating in discussions, but also knowing how to listen intently to each other in your discussions. Good listening skills include eye contact, good body language, asking questions, restating, and assuring the talker that you are interested in what they are talking about. This is what good learners do and is something that you can do EVERYDAY.
    What are other ways that show you are being a good listener?

    Thank you!


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