Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Garden Time: Food Webs


  1. Everyone did a great job working together to make the web that is actually a food chain. I know that we all had fun make a web of food and how after we were done it looked like a web too. We did some amazing items with the string. The sun provides us plants which goes to animals, then it comes to humans and could on longer.
    From, Annabella

  2. To MR. Pahl
    Space has always fascinated me with the solar system with everything about it I want to know everything about
    Earth moon and other moons
    Saturn with and without rings
    Sirius A
    Pollex (orangegiant)
    Arcturus (redgiant)
    Aldebaran (redgiant)
    Rigel (blue supergiant)
    Pistol (bluehypergiant)
    Antares A (red supergiant)
    Mu Cephel (red supergiant)
    VY Canis Mojoris (red hypergiant largest star known)

    From Liam

  3. Annabella, you're right. I had no idea how connected everything was when I was younger. If plants aren't there anymore, animals and organisms that need plants to live might die. Then, creatures that eat those critters might die because THIER food source is gone. I'm glad you enjoyed it and learned some things at the same time!
    Mr. Pahl

  4. Dear 4th Graders,
    The PM group also did the food web and it was really fun. I was a gofer and someone was an owl and that person chose me. I know the purpose of doing this is to learn an animal that needs another animal to survive and Emily taught us that in a fun way!

    1. Dear Charlize,
      I think that the food web was really fun too. It would be cool to figure out more plants and animals that other animals eat. Without the food chain, I don’t think we would be her right now.


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