Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kid President

We continue to follow Kid President!

This is from the Kid President blog:

Thanks for supporting what we’re working to do as a family. Most of all, thanks for all the ways you’re all helping everybody feel like somebody. You are the best friends we could ask for here online.

Did you know he loves to receive art and messages from fans? 
Share your own KP fan art with us and email it to kidpresident@soulpancake.com!

What is something YOU have done for someone else that "makes them feel like a somebody?"

What is something someone else has done for you that makes YOU "feel like a somebody?" 


  1. Dear Kid President,
    You’re an inspiration to a lot of people. The videos you have are important, meaningful, and silly! If someone hasn’t heard or seen your videos, they should. Everybody should feel like a somebody, if they don’t, somebody needs to make them feel like somebody.

  2. Dear kid president,
    I really agree that it is important to make someone feel like they are someone. I would be surprised if I heard of a person who hasn’t made someone feel like someone. Even if it means holding the door to let them through. It makes them feel like they actually exist and that they are someone.

  3. Dear Kid President,
    I agree that people should make somebody or everybody feel like a somebody, not a nobody. If people all over the world are making somebody feel like a somebody, then they’re doing the right thing. If you’re making somebody feel like a somebody, they’ll probably make you feel like a somebody too.
    Sincerely, Kyle

  4. Dear Kid President,
    Something I have done for someone is that I shook their hand and that made them feel like somebody because they were new to our school.
    Sincerely, Danny

  5. Dear Kid president,
    I really enjoyed your video called “How to become an inventor.” It’s very enjoyable because you can learn a lot from scientists because there are lots we just don’t know yet. I love the Catum idea. That is really smart. Too bad the cat attacked it. I really liked that idea. If only it had been successful. I would have bought one (for a reasonable price).

  6. Dear Mr. Pahl
    I am responding to the question “what is something you have done for someone else that makes them feel like a somebody. This morning my mom had really slippery socks on and she turned the corner and slipped and fell really hard on to the ground and I was the only one there so I got ice packs and arnica for her but still she can barely walk and she called me her hero!

    From: avari

  7. Dear Kid President,
    I have seen all your awesome videos, you also like to dance you’ve had over 40 injuries and you still dance! Anyway
    My family made me know who I’m actually am by encouraging
    Me at Skateboarding.

  8. Dear class,
    I love Kid President! What is your favorite video or quote from him?
    -Leah from Mr. Pahl's WWU class

  9. Dear Mr. Pahl's Class,

    What a great question! "What is something you have done to make someone feel like a somebody?" I love the motto 'An Attitude of Gratitude'. This means that I give thanks to people and the world around me as much as I can. When I notice someone working hard at something I acknowledge all their hard work and thank them for it. Just today I noticed a friend was working really hard on a project and I acknowledged her for all of her effort.

    I love the idea of making people feel like somebody and this blog has helped me to do this more! Thanks 4th graders!

    With gratitude,
    Isabel from Mr. Pahl's WWU class


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