Thursday, February 20, 2014


We have been talking a lot about perseverance lately. Students who are often successful aren't just super smart. It's not that their brains work better than other students' brains. They use strategies and they behave in certain ways that help them be successful.

Perseverance is a big part of being a successful person. You have to stick with it and keep trying if you want to be successful.

Brody has been working hard  to understand how to put decimals on a number line. I am so proud of his effort. He made a video on Educreations that showed what he has learned.

You will notice that Brody takes his time; he counts the equal parts in the whole; and he uses half as a benchmark. Brody, great job persevering, hanging in there, and figuring it out! 


  1. Dear Brody,

    Good job putting decimals on the number line, you will get way better at it once you get older.

    Sincerely, Evyn

  2. Dear 4th Graders,

    I have been talking to my high school students about perseverance, too. It is connected with an idea called Growth Mindset. Have you ever heard about this concept?



  3. Dear Brody,
    Way to go hanging in there and working through a tough problem. What helped you keep going even though this problem was difficult? Why didn't you just give up?
    Sinerely, Bethlehem from Mr. Pahl's WWU class

  4. Dear Brody,

    This is an impressive example of perseverance! I know how hard it can be to stick with something when you don't understand it right away. Watching you stick with this math problem and talk through your ideas really inspired me to work hard when I'm doing my own math!

    Thanks for the motivation,

    (Western student)

  5. Dear Brody,

    This is an exciting video to watch. I thought it showed a lot of determination to continue working through the problem and to solve it. Sometimes math is challenging, but it also feels really good when you solve a challenging problem and can persevere. Way to go, Brody!

    Julia (One of Mr. Pahl's Western students)

  6. Dear Brody,
    How did you do that! You must have thought really hard on that question anyways tell me how you figured that question out?
    Sincerely, Danny

  7. Dear Brody,
    Nice job staying with it good way to have perseverance. I knew you could do it all along.

  8. Dear Brody,

    Great job sticking with it and persevering through a tough problem! Math can be pretty tricky sometimes, but it you keep working hard, you will get better all the time!


    Kyle (Mr. Pahl's Western student)

  9. Dear Brody,
    I thought you used a lot of perseverance because you were confused and you kept on thinking and you didn’t give up on yourself. That’s what perseverance is all about. Share how you have you have showed perseverance in the replies.



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