Monday, February 10, 2014

Fractions on a Number Line

Check out this video tutorial from Khan Academy on how to plot a fraction on a number line.

Plotting basic fractions on the number line:
Used with permission

When you're done with the video, go the website and try the activity!

Did you try the activity? How did you do?


  1. Dear Kahn Academy,
    I think this is a good tutorial for kids who are learning how to do a number line. You kind of talked fast but it’s still a good way to teach learners. Your way is an easy and simple way to do it.

    1. Charlize,
      I like the constructive criticism that you included in your post. I agree, they do talk a little bit fast in this video.

      Kyle (Mr. Pahl's Western student)

  2. Dear 4th grade
    This can help you with the number line!

    From Brody

  3. Dear Kahn Academy,
    This is an easy way to teach kids how to put fractions on a number line. For me its super easy to do practice it is also fun to put fractions on a number on that website!
    From Alex

  4. Dear fourth graders
    I think this is a really good idea for kids to learn how to use and learn the ways of putting fractions on number lines!

    Sincerely, Danny

  5. Dear Class Blog,
    The Video is really good for students who don’t know how to put fractions on a number line. If students watch that video they will probably improve on that topic.
    Sincerely Izabelle,

  6. Dear Tori,
    Some time I want to make a club for the class blog. I have no ideas for the clubs name. One thing I will do is the club is for everyone in fourth grade. I’m going to make invitations for everyone. Please write your ideas on the blog. If possible would you help me make the invitations?


    1. Cam, this sounds like a really interesting idea! What would the club do? What would it's purpose be? Could other classes join the club if they wanted to? This could be tremendously fun!

      Anxiously awaiting your reply.
      Mr. Pahl

    2. Dear Cam and Mr. Pahl,
      Camron I can help with the invites. Mr. Pahl the clubs purpose could be that for people who feel left out and discouraged that we can make them feel good, in or out of the group. It could be called the “Dis-couraged to couraged group.”


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