Sunday, February 9, 2014

Glogster in Space


  1. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    This is a very interesting glog it will probably help a lot of people with their glog.
    From Benjamin,

  2. Benjamin,

    Thank you! I hope it's helpful. That is why I made it. I like to be as helpful as possible. What is your topic? How is it going?

    Mr. Pahl

  3. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I really like that we’re making a glog about space. It was really fun looking at pictures and learning about it. I didn't even know Pluto had moons.

  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Thank you for making this glog for us. It’s helping a lot and I don’t think it’s just me I think it`s everyone in my class and your class.
    Sincerely Ellis

  5. Dear Mr. Pahl
    Thank you for putting this picture up it helps with our glogs because it’s telling you what to do step by step thank you!
    Sincerely, Danny

  6. Dear 4th graders,
    We did a project using glogs very recently. What did you like about using a glog to present your information? Did you run into any problems using this medium to present your ideas?
    Sincerely, Beth from Mr. Pahl's WWU class

  7. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Even though I’m already done with my space glog, your glog on the class blog really helped me. I think that you did a good thing helping all your students for their glog.

    1. Dear Kyle,

      Thanks for the compliment. I am glad this Glog helped you make yours. That's my job as a teacher: to try and make things a little easier. I think I should do more things like this to help students in our class. I was thinking about making a Glog on Fractions and Decimals with many resources in one place. Do you think that is a good idea?

      Mr. Pahl


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