Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Do We Blog?

This video from Mrs. Yollis does a great job explaining the benefits of having a classroom blog. Mrs. Yollis has taught me a great deal about using technology in the classroom and about having a blog.

(used with permission)

I still have a lot to learn and know that we can do an even better job of blogging in Room 12, but I think we've got a pretty good thing started here. Thanks to all the students and families who regularly participate. 

Please comment!

What do you think about what Mrs. Yollis and her students had to say? 
What have you enjoyed about our class blog?
What have you learned about blogging this year? 
What are some things you would like to see us do differently? 


  1. Way cool Blog, Room 12! I am inspired!
    See you Tuesday,
    Mr. Hayden

  2. That was an awesome video! I really enjoyed all of the reasons why you like to blog. I'm a student at Western Washington University and I am training to be a teacher. I now know that blogging can be used in the classroom. Keep up the good work and great use of technology in the classroom!

  3. This is a great and awesome video!! It shows the importance and the cool capability of being able to communicate with others around the world!! Its cool to see young students so engaged and into technology! Keep up the great work and I hope you all continue to have fun finding ways to use the internet!!

    One thing I was wondering is how long would it take the typical person, in your opinion take to make a blog??

    Thanks so much for your time!!
    Tim Andes-WWU Student-Future Teacher

    1. Dear Timothy,
      I don’t know long it would take a typical person to make a blog. However I do know that Mr.Pahl has had this blog for a while now. I would also like to say that I enjoy working with technology as you mentioned in your comment.
      I was wondering if you use a lot of technology at western.
      Please reply,

  4. Cool blog! I was wondering, if you could comment on your class blog from anywhere in the world, where would you choose? I would post from Antarctica! I would upload a photo of myself feeding a penguin. I can't wait to hear your ideas!


  5. I think it's awesome that you skype with classrooms from other countries. I didn't get the opportunity to do that when I was in elementary school. I'd love to hear more about your experiences with those classrooms!

  6. Hi Room 12
    I thought it was so cool that you talk to classrooms in other countries over Skype! What are some things that you have learned through talking with kids who live in other countries?
    This was a great video!


  7. I love this video! I am studying to become a teacher, and am learning a lot about technology from your class. My question for the class is, "what other countries would you like to communicate with and why?"

  8. I really enjoyed watching the video made by all of you in Room 12! I am a student at Western Washington University and plan on becoming a teacher once I graduate. Thanks to your video, I have gotten some great ideas of how to use a blog in my classroom one day.

    I was wondering, what have been some of your favorite things to do with this blog?


  9. I agree that blogging is a great way to connect to other students around the world, what a cool thing to be able to do! Great job on the video also. The space blogs were very cool to look at and I learned some new things, thank you!
    Elsa from WWU

  10. What a wonderful blog! I can tell that you all put a lot of time and effort into this video. It is so great to see how excited you all are about it. In a few years I am going to be a teacher myself. Do any of you have any pointers about using technology in my classroom?

    Keep up the great work!

    -Tessa (Student at Western)

    1. Dear Tessa,
      Well I would show your students lots of fun educational web sites to keep them engaged. Some of my favorite sites are Glogster and Storyjumper. Also is there fun engaging technology in college?

  11. Dear Mr.Pahl, I like the video about why we should blog. I think it is very educational blog video it was very inspiring to me.
    From. Austin

  12. Dear Class, This video helped me figure out about why we blog. Also how it helps us to blog in a classroom. This video motivated me to blog more, what about you?

  13. Dear Class,
    I think that Mrs. Yolis gave out a very inspirational message about blogging. We should do something like that with the class soon!
    Sincerely, Avery

  14. Dear Room 12,
    Mrs. Yollis and her students have wonderful reasons for why we Blog, for example I really like the rule they call Yappy. I like it because it really helps kids be safe on the Internet. What I’ve really enjoyed about our Blog is all the fun post we make! They are really cool to look at and some even may help you learn a little more! If you could talk to a kid on the other side of the world (by commenting) who would it be?



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