Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Poems

Start with basics- the order doesn't really matter; just be sure it makes sense:
Who? tree
What? stood
When? cold day winter
Where? on the river
Why? to prepare for the coming spring

Then add descriptive language to make your poem "delicious."

The tall, silent, gray maple tree
stood frozen, like a sleeping volcano
on a sunny, bitterly cold day in winter
on the bank of the rushing, boisterous river
to prepare itself for the coming labor of spring
when it will erupt into a glorious, crimson fire
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  1. Taushi, a two year old colorful tabby
    Growled a timid gray cat out of his cozy colossal house
    In the sunny afternoon
    4 feet away from his hotel of a house
    Because she wanted to claim his house as her territorial relaxing spot.
    Sincerely, Fiona

  2. who: Jasper
    What: fought another cat
    when: 2:00 AM
    where: near my bedroom window

    Jasper an orange-haired short haired American cat fought my neighbors cat bush a grey tabby cat at 2:00 AM near my bedroom window he calls his kingdom.

  3. Who: The big yellow school bus.
    What: Hit the brakes.
    When: in the afternoon around 1:04.
    Where: Sunnyland School.
    Why: To drop off the kids at school.

  4. Who: Taushi
    What:shooed a gray cat
    When:in the afternoon
    Where: near the gray cat's house
    Why: because she wanted to relax
    I forgot to add that to my poem.

  5. Dear Class,
    Who: Mr. Julia
    What: Went to work
    When: At 12:00 AM
    Where: At the hospital
    Why: Because it’s his job

    Dashing Mr. Julia Took a
    very long drive to his
    brutal work at 12:00
    AM at the rainbow
    colored children’s
    hospital because
    he had to earn
    extra money.


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  7. Who? Mr. Robot Unicorn
    What? Jumped over a sparkling rainbow
    When? After eating breakfast
    Where? In Unicorn Opolis
    Why? To soak up the sun

    A young energetic robot unicorn Jumped over a large multicolored rainbow after eating a delec.table delicious breakfast of nails and scrap metal. On the outskirts of the bright and colorful city of Unicorn Opolis to soak up the magical sparkling blazing sunshine
    From, Gavin

  8. Dear Class,
    Who? Gavin
    What? Tower of books
    When? Everyday
    Where? Room 12
    Why? Because he leaves them there
    Gavin’s tower of books reaches up so high that they almost touch the morning sky. In Room 12 he leaves them there and that’s why.
    From, Oscar

  9. Who? Mr. Creeper
    What? Went for a walk
    When? At night
    Where? In Minecraft
    Why? To explore

    Mr. Creeper, a young, mischievous creeper went on a calm, long walk one dark night with a clear black sky above, in a beautiful, grassy prairie biome in Minecraft to explore the endless world of blocks and mobs.

  10. Who? What? When? Where? Why?
    Alvin The Majestic Butter Warrior,
    Strolled downstairs,
    At 9 o’clock in the morning,
    In his house made out of Spruce wood,
    To bone meal his crops (Potato, Carrots, and Wheat) and also to watch his friend Jerry the Slime grow to a big gigantic slime.

  11. Who? Cisco
    What? Whimpered
    When? After School
    Where? On Maryland street Why? He wanted to play with another dog

    Cisco, a giant blonde dog,
    Whimpered very loudly
    On Maryland street
    Because there was another dog across the street who ha desperately wanted to play with.

  12. Who?: Molly
    What: Fought over the water bottle
    When?: In the evening
    Where?: In my brother’s room
    Why?: Because she was thirsty
    Molly the midnight black guinea pig
    Fought with Holly the snow white guinea pig over their delicious cold water
    In the evening when the sky was still light
    In my twelve year old brother’s room
    Because she was devilishly thirsty


  13. Who: Oscar
    What: was playing soccer
    When: at lunch recess
    Where: at school
    Why: he wanted to play soccer
    Oscar a young playful kid
    was playing soccer with his friend
    at lunch recess
    in Sunnyland Elementary School
    because it was a great day to play soccer with his friend .

  14. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    Who? Julia
    What made a mischievous face
    When? At 12:34
    Where? Near her desk
    Why? Because she was thinking
    A short haired girl with hazel eyes named Julia made a devilishly mischievous face and pretended to curl a goatee near her creamy brown wood desk.Around 2:32 because she was thinking devilish thoughts

  15. What: was walking to Kayden house
    When: 2 o’clock
    Where: in sunset square
    Why: to hang out

    It was two o’clock in sunny Sunset Square Alondra was skipping to Kayden house to hang out.
    By Alondra


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