Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Could Design Your Classroom...

We received a terrific question recently from a community member who also happens to be a professor who teaches future teachers. She learned about our blog and asked us this great question:

"If you could design your own learning environment or your own school, what would it look like or be like?"

I don't think we involve children enough in the decision making process, especially when it comes to their education. Of course, not all these students' ideas are realistic or doable, but we can at least dream, can't we? Our world's most innovative products didn't come about by doing the same old thing all the time. They came from pepole who dreamed, people who had what were sometimes considered to be crazy ideas. Well, "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" for crazy ideas. I sure would like to teach in some of the schools you're about to see.

Mr. Pahl




  1. Dear Room 12,
    You guys all did a fantastic job with these Animotos! I really enjoyed watching all of them! They are so creative and really exciting! I really liked Claire’s because it’s so cool how she thought of a school underwater! But if you were to design your own building, what would it be?

  2. Dear Class,
    Those of you that made these did an awesome job. I was inspired by all the wonderful ideas and video that you made. I think that we are really starting to get good at animoto, I think this because of our great narration and awesome music choices. The creativity in the videos was incredible because there were many great ideas and it made the videos very enjoyable.
    Great job, Gavin

  3. Dear, Karoline
    I really liked your what I want my school to be like video. It was really cool. I like swimming so I thought the pool in a classroom was a nice touch. Do you think that these things that we want will happen?
    From, Claire

  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Thank you so much for putting my dream school animoto on the blog! I think we should pour a different thing on you than Kool-aid. What do you think?

  5. Dear Class,
    Great work on the animotos! It seems like almost everyone agrees that it would be cool to have a school that travels around.
    I didn’t make an animoto but here is what I think would be cool; a huge library, some classes you have to take but some you choose which class you want to go to, more interactive lessons, animals, animals, animals! Also a unique environment would be the coolest!
    Joyfully, Linnea


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