Monday, April 8, 2013

Metric Measurement

Students made these videos to help everyone study and learn the appropriate units of measure under different circumstances.

Do you know if the mass of a paper clip is measured in grams, liters, or meters? Is a water bottle measured in grams, liters, or meters? 

Watch to find out! 

Metric Volume

Metric Length



milli = one thousandth

centi = one hundredth

deci = one tenth

meter   gram   liter

kilo = 1,000

8 mg = 8/1000 grams and 8 kg = 8,000 grams

5cm = 5/100 m and 5km = 5,000m

More good explanations and pictures can be found at Math Is Fun! 

And this conversion table might also come in handy.


  1. Dear Class,
    All of you did a wonderful job with these Animoto video's! You all worked so hard and in the end they turned out really great! Keep up the nice work!

  2. Dear classmates,
    what if "milli" wasn't the smallest unit of metric measurement? What about 1/10,000th or 1/100,000th of a meter? or maybe 1/1,000,000th of a meter or even smaller? Maybe you can make it up!
    Sincerely, Fiona

  3. Dear class,
    I learned a lot from these videos and thought it was
    somewhat fun. I didn't get to see the videos but I expect they are a preacher to watch.

  4. Dear Class,
    Do you like metric or standard units of measure better? I honestly like Metric better than our own units of measurement because they can measure smaller things than standard units of measure.
    From, Austin

  5. Dear class,
    Think the animoto makers were doing really good on thre understanding of there understanding of measurement and there music making. What do you think of there animoto good or bad?


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