Friday, April 29, 2011

Salmon Glogs!

The students in room 12 have been using a great site, Glogster, to synthesize their learning about salmon. Lks to a few examples of students' work is below.

Dominique and Jenny




Please comment! Have you used Glogster before? What do you like about it? What did you think of our Salmon Glogs? Did you learn anything about salmon? Have you studied any creatures that have similar life cycles?


  1. Dear Ashley,
    I think that you did great on your glog.
    I was wondering if you can tell me more about salmon because I am interested of hearing about salmon.

  2. Dear Dominique, Jennifer, Gregory, Ashley and Bebeck,
    I hope you make mor Glogs in the future. I enjoyed the colors they pop out at me, and others room12 students. I noticed that you should add no more to your Glogs there great the way they are.

    Shark Fin

  3. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    The glogs look very interesting and it is exciting to see what other people did in their glogs or if you don’t use glogster they are pretty cool. Anyone can join.
    sincerely, Puppy Dogs

  4. Dear Gregory,

    Your glog was outstanding. I liked the arrow that was swinging to the video that was a great idea. The big earth was fantastic to I wonder where you got it?

    From, Lightning bolt

  5. Dear Ashley,
    I think you a very good job in your clog I like it because it was very neat and had a lot of information. Also I liked who you label who are egg eyed eggs and Alvin also adult and spawner.

  6. Dear Gregory Ashley Bebeck Dominique and Jenny,
    It was pretty awesome that your glogs got put up on the blog because not many glogs are up. Also your glogs are very interesting to look at.

    Chronicle Dragon

  7. Dear Gregory,
    I think you did an awesome job on your glog because it has a lot of information of salmon and it has helped me alot and I have learned a lot more about salmon.

  8. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    No I did not really learn anything new but it was a little review because I go fishing with my grandpa once in a while and my sister learned some in school and she taught herself some stuff and told me and I got so interested I started to learn by myself when I was in second grade. But it was a nice review because we don’t go fishing very much because it is always raining so they are all on the bottom of the river.
    Tami Lynn

  9. Dear Ashley,
    I think your glogster was fantastic.
    I think it is interesting that salmon can go to salt water then back to fresh water too. I think It is interesting that the mom spawner can lay 8,000 eggs. Sincerely, Star

  10. Dear Ashley,
    You made an exellent salmon glog of yours! I liked how you made every thing stand out so much, that makes it so everybody can see what your telling them about. Again nice job on the salmon glog.
    Until Next Time,

  11. Dear Ashley,
    I liked your glog a lot because it had a lot of information on it. Like the salmon life cycle pictures, video, and resources. It also had some ways to help salmon and a did you know question.


  12. Dear Ashley,

    Your salmon glog was superb. You chose good pictures for the salmon lifecycle and you also chose a good video for the salmon lifecycle.

    Cycle Star
    P.S. I never new that spawning salmon layed 8,ooo eggs! That's pretty cool.

  13. Dear Gregory,

    Why did you put two globes on your glog? I liked that you put your sources on your glog, many people did not put there sources on there glogs.


  14. Dear Dominique and Jennifer,

    I read your glogster and I was wondering. How does a spawning salmon lay up to 8,000 eggs because wouldn’t they get all fat and not be able move at a good pas?

    Snake Eyes

  15. Dear Mr.Pahl
    I glad you found gloster because its a really fun web sight to go to. Could we do the same thing but on something else.


  16. sunnyland is cool brooke

  17. I love sunnland because it has nice people in it staff and frend.hattie

  18. i know this mayh be my second year here but i really like this school a lot ! i love all of the staff even if i dont know all of them. scott is very funny. ms.van etten is amazing . mr. paul is pretty funny too . by claire


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