Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Public Service Announcements

It has been a terrific year of learning about salmon through the Students for Salmon program with Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association. The culminating project for students this year will be to make public service announcements (PSA) using a variety of multimedia tools that encourage people to make choices that positively affect salmon and their habitat.

A good public service announcement is brief, has a clear, positive message, and gives people a resource where they can access more information. We have listened to, analyzed, and watched several PSA's to give students ideas for the ones they will create.

Here are links to some examples:





Here are scripts from the Copper River "Don't Run Off Salmon" campaign. Though I have encouraged students to keep their messages positive ("Tell people what they should - not what they shouldn't"), these radio scripts provide good examples of how to write to a quality radio spot.

Your Public Service Announcement should:
  • Briefly and clearly state some problems faced by salmon.
  • Share specific ideas or ways people can do things to help salmon or salmon habitat.
  • Tell people where they can get more information or how they can get involved.
  • Share where you got your information, facts, and pictures.
This link will take you to a anti-drug campaign site that has good examples of storyboards you can use to plan your PSA.

This website explains how to write a PSA and what to think about as you revise and edit your message.

This site provides a WEALTH of information on planning and perfecting your PSA.

When searching for images or video to use, be as a specific in your search as possible. Here are some suggestions: "pacific salmon," "clean rivers," "salmon habitat," "recycle oil," "plant trees."

Mutlimedia Sites:





PhotoStory is a computer program, not an internet site. All of our school computers have it, and some of your computers at home may have it.

This is a link to a PhotoStory tutorial:

Windows Movie Maker is another computer based program, not a web site. We have it at school, and your computers at home may have it if they are PC's. Go to Start>Programs>WindowsMovieMaker.

Atomic Learning has MANY free Movie Maker tutorials here - you DO NOT need a log in: http://www.atomiclearning.com/moviemaker2

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