Thursday, March 27, 2014

Special Mathletics Award

This week in the mail, I received a fancy envelope in the mail from Mathletics. I was intrigued. This hadn't happened before. In it, to my surprise, were three very nice certificates from Mathletics. One was for Alex in the morning class, one was for Mattias in the PM class, and one was Angela, a fifth grader.

These special certificates were honoring these students for their success and amount of time spent on Mathletics. Not only have they had a high level of success on the different activities, they have also completed numerous activities in all of the various areas of Mathletics. This is a very special honor.

Great job, Alex, Mattias, and Angela!



  1. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I have one of the top mastery awards and I am very proud of it because I had to work hard to earn a silver award. I am surprised I actually earned one.
    Sincerely , Mattias

    1. Dear Mattias,

      You SHOULD be proud! I know you have worked really hard and that you have spent a lot of time on Mathletics. You constantly challenge yourself and always want to do better. That excellent work ethic will help you accomplish great things in your life.

      Congratulations again, Mattias!

      Mr. Pahl

    2. Dear Mattias,
      I agree with Mr.Pahl. I am glad that you’re proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the great work. Congratulations!
      Sincerely Izabelle,

  2. Dear Mattias, Alex, and Angela,
    Congratulations on your success to winning the Mathletics award. That is a very special honor; you three must have worked really hard on Mathletics. Some of the activities are hard and some are easy. I think it’s similar to getting a 1,000 award.

  3. Dear Alex, Mattias and Angela,
    Congratulations on the top mastery certificate! I wonder how you get it but I am guessing that it’s not like the ones that you earned to get over 1,000 points in Mathletics.
    -Sarah H.

  4. Dear Matthias,
    Nice job Matthias for being the only one getting a top mastery award in our class out of all of us you must be really good at mathletics I can’t even imagine how good you are?
    Sincerely, Danny

  5. Dear Alex, Mattias, and Angela,

    Great work on your success with Mathletics! I've never been as intelligent with Math as some of my friends, and you guys look smarter at Math than I am! People who are good at Math seem to grow up and do great things with their lives. Keep working hard, and you'll be happy for a very long time!

    Sincerely, Jeff

  6. Dear Alex, Mattias, and Angela,

    Great job for getting those hard earned certificates be proud that you earned the special top mastery awards. :D

  7. Dear Jeff,
    I totally agree with you Alex, Angele and Mattias did a really good job on mathlitics they are really smart and I wish I was as good at them on mathlitics

    Sincerely Liam

  8. Dear Alex, Mattias and Angela

    You guys did so much hard work to earn though after all you guys did deserve them.

  9. Dear Jeff,
    I am sure that you are smart. Also, they play Mathletics every single day. That’s why they won that award. If you played Mathletics every day you would also that award.

    From Tim.

  10. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I took a glimpse at the Clustr Maps on the side of blog page and there was a Lot! So that means a great abundance of people were looking at your blog, even from Egypt!
    From, Lute D.

  11. Dear Mattias,
    So cool that you won that big certificate on Mathletics. You probably put a lot of work into it. Congratulation and maybe you’ll even get another one.


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