Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Science Fair!

Our students worked hard to create Science Fair Projects! Here are a few photos of students and their projects from the fair.

Our Outstanding Science Fair Project Winners! Congratulations!

Please comment! 

What is something you learned from participating in the Science Fair?

What was the best part of working on your project?

What troubles did you run into?

What do you think you might try to do next year? 

Which project did you see that was your favorite? Why? 


  1. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I think the best part of my Project was about tricking peoples brains and Making the glitter on my board, despite Scott getting mad at Mr. C and Mrs. Binder Up of the Mess we all made after school.

    1. Dear person,
      That is true that Scott got mad at Mr. Cassolary & Mrs. Binderup for the glitter on the ground. But then again it was an accident!
      from Micah

  2. Dear Fourth Graders,
    I think we did a great job at the science fair because the little kids are learning how to do a science fair project. So when there big there prepared for the science.
    Thank you.
    Signature: Yolibeth

  3. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I really had fun at the science fair. I think that other kids and students will have as much fun as I did. They even get a cool blue ribbon and a Purple ribbon if your project was outstanding.
    Sincerely Izabelle,

  4. To fourth grade
    Good job guys I hope you do good next year too. I had a little bit of trouble, had to change my project because I couldn't find the supplies
    From Latta, Benjamin

    1. Dear Benjamin,
      Don’t feel bad, I had to restart twice because it was scribbled on or too small. Yours is really good though!!! By the way, can you tell me what the name of your project is? I cant read anything on your board!!! Other than that your project was very good!!!
      From, Seb.R.

  5. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Thank you for putting Sam’s and mine on the class blog. The science fair was very fun. Good job Silas and Alex! A teacher at Sunnyland asked Sam and me to do a presentation in her classroom YAY!
    Sincerely Charlie

  6. Dear 4th graders,
    My science fair project as a very fun experience. I was the “Soda dose what?” It was very hard to find soda with Splenda though. All they have is Aspartame. I used Water, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Mtn Dew. I put a hotdog and Marshmallows in to the liquids. I was putting them in to bags the night before and it was super gross because the Carmel coloring in the sodas turned the crust black….Ewww! The Marshmallows dissolved a little and changed colors with the color of the sodas.

  7. Dear fourth grade,
    My project was tough but fun. I had to restart twice because it was too small or scribbled on. Next year, I am going to remember to type all of it up instead of doing it by hand.
    From, Seb R

  8. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    I loved all of the science projects. All of them I learn something. Like with Sam’s project they had robots that each one made a different pattern than the other one. One it looked like it was heavier on one side as with the other one had nothing on it. I loved Sam’s project!!


  9. Dear fourth graders,
    I think all of the science fair projects were terrific! The whole school did an amazing job on them. I hope that next year we will have the same exact smart brains we did this year.
    Sincerely, Amaya

    1. Dear Amaya,
      I don’t want to have the same brain. I want a brain that’s smarter than this year. Mr. Pahl and Ms. Avera have taught us a lot this year. I hope we will be smart because of them. They are learners and teachers. Some teachers (like Mr. Pahl and Ms. Avera) learn things that students know and they don’t know.

  10. Dear fourth graders,
    So proud of all the kids that participated in the science fair. It is a lot of work and you did a great job. Hope you all participate in the science fair next year to.

  11. Dear 4th graders,
    I’m really happy that I participated in the science fair. Neri and I worked on “Fast Spoiling Strawberries.” A lot of people participated and we learned a lot. I wonder what we’re going to make for next year’s science fair.

  12. Dear Fourth Graders,
    That science fair was defiantly hard and this is only our first year wow I wonder what’s goanna happen next year?
    Sincerely, Danny

  13. Dear 4th graders,

    I am happy that I worked in the science fair I worked with Vanessa and Alondra. Also great job to Silas, Alex and Kyle for working so hard to get a purple ribbon!

    -Sarah H.

  14. Dear Neri,
    I agree with that. Everybody who participated did a great job on their projects. I worked very hard on my science project and I’m pretty sure everyone else did to. Did you know I had to restart twice just because it was scribbled on or it was to small.
    From, Seb.R.

  15. Dear everyone that did the science fair,
    WOW! I think everybody did great on their science projects. I saw lots of the same projects but they were all still all great! I saw two Bubblolgys lots of Mentos and soda projects. But still great!
    Sincerely, Ellis

  16. Dear fourth grade,

    I had some troubles with bubble ology, first I made all the solutions but I didn’t use distilled water, so I had make it all over again!!!
    Finally I made it.


  17. Hi Evyn and Micah!
    I had a great time getting glitter everywhere with you! It was totally worth it because your boards turned out FANTASTIC looking. We will just have to make sure to be extra nice to Scott for the rest of the year. Haha,
    Ms. Binderup


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