Thursday, March 27, 2014


Congratulations to our Sasquatch Award winners for 4th grade Asher and Sarah! Asher and Sarah represented Sunnyland at the district-wide Sasquatch competition Wednesday. Stay tuned. They are writing a description of the contest for us and that will be posted here soon!

The Sasquatch Award  is an annual contest where students read as many of the Sasquatch finalists as possible. Then they answer trivia questions about the different texts. The teams at each grade level at their schools move on to the district competition. This year's Sasquatch Award finalists are:

The Dead boys
Buckingham, Royce
Erskine, Kathryn
The Midnight tunnel
Frazier, Angie
Charlie Joe Jackson’s guide to not reading
Greenwald, Tommy
Zita the spacegirl:Far from home
Hatke, Ben
Guinea dog
Jennings, Patrick
Inside out & back again
Lai, Thanhha
 Liesl and Po Oliver, Lauren
The Great wall of Lucy Wu
Shang, Wendy Wan-Long
Boys without names
Sheth, Kashmira
Aliens on vacation
Smith, Clete
The Boy at the end of the world
Van Eekhout, Greg

Congratulations Asher and Sarah!


  1. Congratulations Asher and Sarah! Keep up the great work! You both should be proud to be finalists.

    -Jesica (Mr. Pahl's friend from WWU)

    1. Dear Jessica,
      We’re proud of Asher and Sarah M. also, they surely deserve it. They did a great job and they really deserve to be finalists. Congrats Asher and Sarah M.!

    2. Dear Sarah and Asher,
      Congratulation you really know your books good job. You did not go down without a fight. You deserve it!!!


    3. Dear Cam,
      Sadly we didn't win but all that matters is that we tried our best and your right, we did not go down without a fight.
      Sarah. M

  2. Dear Sarah and Asher,
    Good job winning the Sasquatch because when you win and you read a lot you get to have a wonderful life and you can get really good at learning the dictionary.
    Congratulations to you Sarah and Asher!

    Sincerely, Evyn

  3. Dear Sarah and Asher,
    Great job wining the Sasquatch contest you did a great job.
    Signature: Yolibeth

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I am proud of Sarah and Asher to. They worked very hard to be the finalists!
    From, Micah

  5. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Great job Sarah and Asher. My favorite book from Sasquatch is the book” Mocking bird” by Kathryn Erskine. She was so sweet.

  6. Dear Asher and Sarah,
    So proud of you guys for finishing all those books! I have one question; did you end up winning the competition at the public library? Even if you didn't were all very happy for you two!

  7. Dear Sarah and Asher,
    Congratulations on winning the Sasquatch competition! I’m really proud of both of you! You both are really great readers, so no wonder you two won the competition!
    Your good friend, Kyle

  8. Dear Asher and Sarah,
    You did a great job finishing all those books and making it to the finals, also did you win the finals at the public library?

  9. Dear Asher & Sarah,
    Congrats on winning the Sasquatch! What did you do after you won and what was the Sasquatch reading club like? I also feel bad for Cam, Tori, and Amaya for their lost. I know they felt bad but good job guys!
    Sincerely, Ellis

  10. Dear Asher & Sarah,
    Congratulations on winning the Sasquatch competition! Did you get any awards, prizes or treats? You should always remember this moment because you two are best friends and that you girls had a lot of trust in to each other. Good job everyone’s proud of you!
    Sincerely, Danny

  11. Congratulations Asher and Sarah!
    Wow, excellent reading. I remember participating in the Sasquatch Awards when I was in 5th grade! You must have pictured what you were reading and thought carefully. Which book was your favorite? I've read Mockingbird, and I thought it was very good. What was Zita the Spacegirl about?
    Nice work! Keep reading,
    Ms. Binderup

  12. Dear 4th graders
    Sadly Sarah and I did not get to be the finalists. But we got to go to Menchies because they gave us a card so we could get frozen yogurt for free! We also got a fruit bar and a bag of gold fish. My little sister was so sad when she found out we were going to get ice cream without her. But mom got her a piece of cake and she was fine. It was very fun to do the Sasquatch competition.
    From, Asher

  13. Dear Mrs. Binderup,
    Zita The Space Girl is about a girl who accidently made her friend get stuck in a different dimension she has to go and save him! My favorite books were Liesl And Po and The Great Wall Of Lucy Wu.
    From, Asher


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