Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whatcom Museum Movies

Our 4th graders traveled across town recently to the experience the Whatcom Museum Vanishing Ice Exhibit. Following the field trip, the students learned several technology skills; they put all these skills together to make movies with Animoto that documented their time at the museum.

Here are a few of the high quality videos some of our students produced:


  1. Dear Miranda,
    Your slideshow about the museum was amazing. I can tell you took a long time to make your slideshow because you used the info you knew and looking at the pictures to see what it would feel like in the slideshow. You were very good with description in your slideshow.

    1. Dear Miranda,
      I agree with you that it took a long time to make the slide shows. It took long because you have to add pictures music and much more. Animoto made all this work easy for us, and it was not so complicated for most of the class.
      Sincerely Izabelle,

    2. Dear Izabelle,

      I was in a little hurry to find the pictures I wanted, but after that it was all smooth sailing. Also I would like to thank you for taking that picture of me in front of the banner, I guess the Native American women made to protest the ferry company.

      Thanks, Miranda

    3. Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for stating that my video was amazing. It really means a lot.

      Sincerely, Miranda

    4. Dear Miranda,
      Your video really made me think that my eyes were about to pop right out of my head! It really had the feeling of actually being in the video. You are a really sweet person and an outstanding video maker.

    5. Dear Kyle,

      Thank you so much for praising me and my video. It was really sweet that you said I was sweet and that I’m an amazing video-maker.

      Sincerely, Miranda

  2. Dear historians,

    I would like to thank you for taking pictures for making this slide show. I also want to thank the class for doing their best to make this slide show

  3. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    Thank you so much for putting my animoto video on the blog. I was hoping that I would be picked to have my video on it but I wasn’t sure I would. Thanks again for picking mine.

    Sincerely, Miranda

  4. Dear 4th grade,
    I think that Amaya, Maximus, Miranda, Sam, Charlize , and Charlie did a great job on their comments. The Historians took some great shots. I think all the videos were great.


  5. Dear fourth graders,
    I think that Charlie,Charlize, Maximus, Sam, Miranda, and Myself did an excellent job! I like how we all told a story of our field trip. Have a terrific day!
    Sincerely, Amaya

  6. Dear students,
    I like all the slideshows and I think they all had good quality. I can tell that we worked hard and we did our best on our slideshows!
    By, Maximus

  7. Dear Sam (Kathren),
    I loved the song you chose for your slide show. I thought it matched the story perfectly. Hope you had a fun time at the museum.
    Sincerely, Charlie

  8. Dear Miranda,
    Your slide show was pretty impressive. I liked how you told what the picture of the ferry was and meant. Did it take you a while to make your slideshow? Please answer me back!
    Sincerely Charlie,

  9. Dear 4th graders,
    I love our videos I mean they told a story and I think we may have nailed it!
    From, Asher


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