Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Made Hummus!

Mara was back with another GREAT recipe!

Thanks to blogger: Benjamin for describing what we did.

In nutrition class we are making hummus. In the first part of class we learned how to read a nutrition label. 

The class starts moving their desks to make tables Eric gets his hand smashed in between two desks. Each group is using a different recipe the make the hummus. Miranda pours chickpeas into a bowl. Alex mashes up the chickpeas in a bowl. Angelina strips of the layers of some garlic. Eric cuts up the parsley at his table. Miranda scoops up some tahini and then lets Brody have a turn. Vanessa stirs salt, garlic, tahini, chickpeas, beats and cumin.
Cumin is an orange spice used in cooking. Brody said it smells good. 

Alex brings bowl of finished humus up to the top table. Everyone settles into their seat after they finish cleaning up.  Jaymeson said the first hummus tastes like peanut butter and lemon juice. 

our recipe

Hummus! on PhotoPeach

Thank you Common Threads Farm! 

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Be sure to make observations rather than sharing whether you liked or didn't like the hummus.


  1. I'm curious to know… which of the hummus recipes did you prefer? Can you imagine making this at home with your families? What is tahini, anyway? Wonderful photos and stories!

  2. The Hummus was Delicious!!
    Thanks for letting me help you guys make hummus-
    Daniele (Alex's mom)

  3. Hi! This is Lauren, Sarah M's mom. Your hummus looks delicious! I'm curious to hear what you thought of the beet hummus? That's an unusual ingredient to add to hummus. What did it taste like?

  4. Thank you Common Threads farm for coming and helping us make hummus I really enjoyed making hummus.

  5. Thank you Common Threads Farm for coming and helping us make hummus. I really enjoyed making hummus.

  6. Dear fourth graders,
    The hummus we made that day was so delicious. I had a lot of fun making it. My favorite type of hummus was the regular one. The other one I liked was the one with parsley. We all were a little bit surprised to see everything that was actually in hummus. We had a some trouble making it but we got a little better at it.
    Sincerely, Amaya

  7. Dear Mr.Pahl and Mara,
    I really liked the Hummus we made. My favorite type was the original kind. I hope I can make it at home for my family!!
    Sincerely Izabelle,


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