Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rosetta: Trip to a Comet

They're going to try and land a spacecraft on a comet. 

Can you believe it?


  1. Dear 4th grade,

    Would you think it would be extremely hard to land on a comet because it might be active when you just get on and you might get really cold when you get on a comet and when its burning it would probably be really hot so you would get burned or get like 100 frost bites or more.


    1. Dear Eric,

      Yes, I think the temperature on this comet would have a really extreme temperature! I'm curious as to what Astronaut suites are made of to keep these space explores from getting too hot or too cold. Do you have any background knowledge of what these suites are made of? I'm very curious.

      Also, what do you think the video meant when it said a comet is "active?" I'm thinking it might mean when the comet starts burning, but I was curious as to what you thought, Eric! Do you think an active comet is the same thing as an active volcano?

  2. Dear student,
    Very interesting I think the top of the comet will be a lot like the moon.
    From Benjamin,

    1. Dear Benjamin,
      I am glad that you are developing ideas around what a comet could be like. Why do you think the surface of the comet would be similar to the moon?
      Sincerely, Beth from Mr. Pahl's WWU class.

  3. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I can’t believe they tried to land spacecraft on a comet. That is just amazing that they actually got the spacecraft to land on the comet. They might have been really curios on what is on a comet, now they finally get to find out thanks to their brilliant minds that made the spacecraft.
    Sincerely Izabelle,

    1. Dear Isabelle,
      I totally agree that they would probable want to see what’s on the comet. What do you think is on the comet? Snow, water, or maybe even lava on some of them.

    2. Dear 4 graders,
      I really wonder how they made up names for all the comets. Or who made up all the names for all the comets. Mostly the one they were talking about in the video called the 67P\churyumov-Gerasimenko.


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