Friday, January 14, 2011


The students are learning vocabulary words. Research tells us that they learn these words and their meanings better if they also have visual and kinesthetic clues to help them. Here is a lovely visual example of some of the words and what the students are doing to be sure and remember them.

Students: Please remember that we make these videos and digital products to help make learning fun. They are not created for the sole purpose of entertainment. It's okay to enjoy watching them and to be entertained, but the primary purpose for watching the video should be to help you learn.  -Mr. Pahl

The video was removed. I will have it back online as soon as I can - probably after 7:00PM tonight.
-Mr. Pahl

Please comment! Are there any tough words you have had to learn? What was the word and what did you to do remember it? 


  1. Dear Class
    We need to work more in our vocabulary. We need to use these words more in our writing. But I got o admit, that video was extremely hilarious. But maybe there was a lot of funny breaks, so maybe we should die the funny a little bit and concentrate on our words.

    Shark Fin

  2. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    The way I learned to learn how to remember tough words is to use hand signals like you did in the video. A tough word I had to remember was associative. Also the definition of associative is it doesn't matter the way numbers go in addition and multiplication. In math 8+7=15 and 7+8=15 no matter where the 8 and 7 are the answer is the same.


    Chronicle Dragon

  3. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I think that is really cool that you put the vocabulary words video on the blog.
    It makes me want to watch it over and over again.


  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    The word I have trouble understanding is complication because I can’t say it that well. I remember it when I think of people are trying to figure out a answer.

    Sincerely , Snake Eyes

  5. Hi Mr. Pahl and students,
    I used to have a really hard time remembering how to spell the word "broccoli." And guess where I learned how to remember the spelling? From Sesame Street! The puppets sang a rap song that spelled out the word, and I never forgot how to spell it after hearing that song!
    Tara, Finnigan's mom


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