Monday, January 3, 2011

January is Family Blogging Month!

I am following the lead of other amazing teachers around the world in hosting a "Family Blogging Month." The aim of this project is to get family (and friends - everyone is invited to participate) more involved in the kinds of experiences students are having in class. Multiple perspectives and experiences add to the quality of the blogosphere (blog environment) and can really increase student motivation and engagement in reading and writing.

Again, EVERYONE is invited to participate. Just be sure to tell us who you are (first name only) and how you are related to someone in our class.

We hope you will check out the archives in addition to the new posts and that you will add your thoughts and comments in as many places as you possible. Not exactly sure what to say or how to say it? Here are some great suggestions from Mrs. Yollis in California and her students:

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps make January a stupendous

Family Blogging Month!


  1. Dear Mr. Pahl's class,
    Happy 2011! I am very excited about this year. I am going to try and make more art, exercise more, and learn more about computers. I am also going to make sure to be kind to everyone around me. I am sure you all have some great ideas for 2011.
    See you soon,

    Tara (Finnigan's mom)

  2. Dear Mr. Pahl's class,
    I made a book yesterday. It's called Drank H. Dime. In Dimeland, the dimes made fun of Drank H. Dime because he was yellow. So Drank went to the human world to explore. Then he went home because he was sad. The other dimes grew nice and they had a huge party with his mom!

    Love, Fiona. P.S. I'm Finnigan's 8 year old sister.

  3. This sounds like a fun project! I hope you reach your goal of "posts" this month.
    For Ashley G.- Oma Nita

  4. This is something new for me I have never 'blogged'. What a fun project!

    Barbara; Ashley G's Great Aunt

  5. Dear class,
    infinity-1=infinity, so infinity+1=infinity. I'm not joking, infinity is a concept [which means idea or formula], not a number. It is so high, we don't where it ends. Scientists are still trying to figure it out. Infinity's symbol: an 8 on it's side. If H was an infinite number, so H+H=2H. I love learning about infinity. Love, Fiona, Finnigan's sister. P.S. I love math.

  6. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    I'm so pleased with all the neat things Finn has done in the past year. I know that 2011 will bring more exciting challenges and great learning opportunities for all of us!

    Thanks Mr. Pahl
    Matt (Finnigan Cooper's Dad)

  7. Washington Birds

    Robins tweet their happy song
    Swallows start to chirp along.

    Chickadees hop from branch to branch
    Falcons fly from ranch to ranch.

    Herons dip their beaks into the lake
    Geese give there feathers a shake.

    Bald Eagles swoop to eat
    Seagulls get sand on their feet.

    Pelicans give their beak a scoop
    Blue Jays fly loop and loop.

    Shark Fin

  8. Thanks so much for being a great teacher. We enjoy seeing you around the neighborhood.

    Stewart, Alexandria's Dad

  9. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    I'm so proud of how much Huver has already learned this year in you'r class. I feel like he has grown so much and he really loves you'r class. He has become more excited this year than he ever has about the things that he does during the day. Thank you so much and this is a great thing!

    Christina (Huver's Aunt)

  10. I think that it is pretty cool, that you're letting kids be more computer oriented. I hope that it all works out well. I just hope that you're also teaching them the good and the bad and including safety measures with their computer usage.

    Robert (Huver's Uncle)

  11. This blog idea and participation opportunities are wonderful! Thank you Mr Pahl for the efforts to empower the kids and teach them these skills. We loved the poetry section a few weeks ago, Julian was very inspired. Thank again for all you do to make the learning environment interesting and fun for the kiddos! Julian's Mom

  12. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I think the blogging is a great way for each student's family and friends to stay connected and involved with what is happening in your classroom. I wish I had a teacher as involved as you when i was in the 4th grade, this is a wonderful idea. We are so happy with the teaching experience you create and look foward to another successful semester at Sunnyland! You truly make learning fun for the kids and we are very thankful for all you have done for all your students! Skye's Dad, Pat

  13. This is pretty cool. I've never checked out any blogs before. Glad Joshua can show me what to do!
    Mindi (Joshuas Mom)

  14. It's wonderful to see a classroom of kids smiling and having fun while learning cool new things. I think that guy Joshua is pretty amazing! Joshua I need your help this blog stuff is hard for us old folks. (Joshua's friend from Vancouver!)

  15. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I think “Family Blogging Month” is so cool. At my old school we didn’t have a blog. It’s really cool to see one. But I can’t wait until we see who the winners our going to be.

  16. Hello,
    I just watched the video on Vocabulary. When I was in 3rd & 4th grade we did not have any of the incredible words your class is learning. I think the teaching / learning video's are great, I would have liked learning better if we had as much fun.
    I am Ashley's Granny

  17. Hello Room Twelve! Bonjour Chambre Douze! This is Jack, and I'm writing from France. I've been here less than a week, and I thought maybe you'd like to hear a little about what it's like here. Since it's still January, it's still Family Blogging Month, so you can also read our family's blog (mostly my dad's) here: . I haven't started school yet here in France, but on Friday we visited the school that my sisters and I will probably go to. It's called College La Madeleine. "College" means "middle school" in French, so I'll be going to sixth grade there so I can be at the same school as my sisters, even though I'm in fifth grade at Sunnyland, and also because I will be able to take French classes there since I hardly know any French. So next week, I can tell you more about school. I'm hoping to be able to play soccer (football) at school too. I might be able to meet some people that way. Do you have questions about France? Just ask me! Au revoir!

  18. Very cool stuff! Keep up the great work kids.
    I'm Kevin, a longtime friend of Skye and her family.

  19. Skye is having so much fun learning in your class! The advance's in technology in the classroom are amazing, having the ability to learn and share with people from around the world. Golly, these kids are gonna be smart ;)
    Thanks Mr. Pahl, Skye's mom

  20. Hello to everyone in room 12. What a great idea to have a family blog. Special hello to our niece, Skye -- from your cousins in Denver, Colorado
    Sullivan & Cecelia

  21. Great blog! What a fun idea for the students. Syke's (aka Sillyband) cousin from Kansas City! Good luck with the project!
    John Lillis

  22. Hello,
    What a great way to get the families and friends involved. I live in another state and love any opportunity to see what is going on with my Granddaughter. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more blogs!
    Grandma Vickie (Skye's, aka: Sillyband, Grandma)


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