Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jack Is in France!

Hello Room Twelve! Bonjour Chambre Douze! 

This is Jack, a former student in Mr. Pahl's class, and I'm writing from France. I've been here less than a week, and I thought maybe you'd like to hear a little about what it's like here. Since it's still January, it's still Family Blogging Month, so you can also read our family's blog (mostly my dad's) here:

I haven't started school yet here in France, but on Friday we visited the school that my sisters and I will probably go to. It's called College La Madeleine. "College" means "middle school" in French, so I'll be going to sixth grade there so I can be at the same school as my sisters, even though I'm in fifth grade at Sunnyland, and also because I will be able to take French classes there since I hardly know any French. So next week, I can tell you more about school. I'm hoping to be able to play soccer (football) at school too. I might be able to meet some people that way. 

Do you have questions about France? Just ask me! Au revoir! 

From Mr. Pahl: 
Jack's family flew from Washington to Iceland first; then they completed their journey by flying from Iceland to France. Once the plane landed in France, they still had to board a train to travel from Paris to Angers! It's a long trip. 

Be sure to ask questions! Jack will visit once a week or so when he can, and he'll e-mail me his responses. 


  1. Dear Jack,
    I was wondring if you are the only one that can speak french in your family?

  2. Dear Jack,
    You were in my geography club! What is it like being in France? Is it hard? Did you learn any new words in French? My mom has been to France before and she said it was amazing. I can tell on the map that you commented near or in Paris. I love French food and I've heard that the buildings have dreamy lights all around.

    Shark Fin

  3. Dear Jack,
    I don't have any questions for you but I think its cool you get to go to France.
    Sincerely, Sillyband

  4. Dear,Jack
    I was wondering if it's wierd there because you are in a whole different place and you don't know anybody? Also what does it look like there is their a lot of lights?

  5. Dear Jack ,
    I don't have any questions for you but I hope you have a nice time.

  6. Dear Jack,
    France is one of the places I have always wanted to go. Is France hot? I have wondered about France for a long time.

  7. Hi Jack! I heard you started school. How is it being a 6th grader but a 5th grader? What is school like? Are you enjoying it? We sure miss you back in the ham! Hope you are well!

    Mrs. Gates

  8. Dear Jack,
    No fair you get to go to 6th grade hopefully when you get back can you teach me what you learned? hope your having fun!
    From Bryan.


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