Friday, December 17, 2010

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Poems

Start with basics- the order doesn't really matter; just be sure it makes sense:
Who? Mr. Pahl
What? got out of bed
When? early one morning
Where? into the kitchen
Why? to make coffee

Then add descriptive language to make your poem "delicious."

Mr. Pahl, a tired, short haired man in his late 30's,
stumbled out of his comfortable, warm bed,
like a wobbly, newborn calf,
into the cold, dark kitchen,
early one morning,
to brew his favorite, steaming, hot coffee,
because his lovely, two year old daughter had kept him awake most of the long, sleepless night.

Please share your 5W poem with us! Click on "comments" to share.


  1. Mrs. Ackerson, a person who rather despises the mall, with its fluorescent lights, unsolicited advertisements, and consumerism,
    went to the mall
    this afternoon after spending a quality morning pouring wisdom into the minds of young children,
    to do some Christmas shopping
    so she wouldn't have to go to the mall again for a very very long time.

  2. Hi Mr. Pahl and class,
    I had hoped to have my class post something on this blog before our break but we got too busy and the time slipped by. Perhaps in January we will send you some letters.
    I have some great stories to tell you about Mr. Pahl. I use to babysit him when he was a little guy. He is very special to me.

    Mrs. Fain

  3. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    Who: Ava, her dad and her dog Frankie
    What:Went for an outing
    Where: back to Sunnyland and Memorial Park
    When: After school Monday
    Why: To tire out the dog and Ava

    Who: Ava, her dad and dog Frankie, needed a run.
    What: They went to Sunnyland while still there was sun.
    When: The sun going down told us that dinnertime was near.
    Where: The park and the playground,they sure were dear.
    Why:Our crazy black dog's face had grown so so long.
    From, David -Ava's dad.

  4. Dear Mrs. Fain,

    Thank you for writing! I am so glad you were able to visit our class blog. Please don't share anything with the students that will embarrass me too much!

    We would love to write letters with your students. If you send me a list of their names, we can get started soon!

    I miss you,
    Mr. Pahl

  5. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    Who: A sleepy brown hedgehog,
    What: woke up from a long winter’s sleep,
    When: after the bright orange sunset,
    Where: deep in the dark forest,
    Why: because he wanted to search for food

    A sleepy brown hedgehog,
    woke up from a long winter’s sleep,
    after the bright orange sunset,
    deep in the dark forest,
    because he wanted to search for food

    Sincerely, Cycle Star

  6. Thanks Mr. Pahl for making learning and writing poetry so much fun!
    Here's a 5 W poem from Alexandia and me (her mom)
    The hungry humungous hippo
    hopped down the rocky trail,
    early one sunny morning
    near the water's edge,
    to calm his ravenous thirst.

    Now we need to get a drink of water. Cheers!
    Alexandria's Mom

  7. Who: Jadyn
    What:Is coming out of her shell
    When: Jan. 13
    Where: At school
    Who: Mr. Pahl
    Why: Because he is a very good teacher

    Jadyn is coming out of her shell because today at school she read out loud n front of the whole school because Mr. Pahl has a way with kids to bring out the best in them.

    Bev, Jadyn's grandma

  8. Brennan
    got out of bed
    9:24 in the morning
    at home
    to eat food.

    From doggy

  9. Dear Mr. Pahl and Students,
    The Martin Luther King Jr. presentation was so fantastic! I was so impressed with all of the singing and presenting that you did at the assembly. It was a very important day!


    Tara (Finnigan's mom)

  10. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    Who: A baby deer
    What: Came out of the woods
    When: Early spring
    Why: So it could have air
    A small little baby deer came out of the wet and soggy woods. One bright and shiny early spring morning so it could have a fresh breath of air.


  11. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    The creeping, creature of the country side,
    went out for a long morning walk,
    in the cold and creaky morning,
    to the very edge of town,
    because he felt energetic and wanted to fall into a long sleep.

    Cycle Star

  12. A striped slithering snake,
    slithered to catch his juicy, delicious prey,
    in the humid and dangerous afternoon,
    in the deep, dark forest,
    because his neighber kept stealing his meaty food.

    Cycle Star

  13. Dear Class

    The anonymous creature
    walked out in the bighting blistering cold
    to search for it's warm mate
    in the howling tundra of Russia.

    Shark Fin

  14. a blond funny girl named Luna
    went to her hard working dad
    in the blazing afternoon
    in their beatiful house
    because she whanted her dad to read her a story

  15. A blond little girl named Luna
    was trying to go sleep on her cofterble bed
    a Friday night at 12;30
    because she was scared of the monster under her bed

  16. Andrea, a small,dark skined woman
    was going to be late for a docter's appointment
    because her huge white labrador chewed up her car key and it wouldn't fit in the key hole anymore.

  17. Dear Mr. Pahl
    I want to tell you a five w poem
    Who: An owl

    What: Flew

    When: A winter night

    Where: The woods

    Why: To find somewhere warm

    One big owl soared on a dark and gloomy moonlit winter night to the woods. So it could find a warm place to hide at.

    Sincerely, Firewolf

  18. Dear Class,

    A humungous, hurdling hippo,
    charged the blue buff rhinoceros,
    late one blistering morning,
    on the sandy beach of Africa,
    because the rhinoceros stole his delicious food.

    Cycle Star

  19. Dear Class,

    A green, slimy, warty frog,
    tumbled out into the open wild,
    deep in the gloomy night,
    because a couple of muddy hooves shoved him forward.

    Cycle Star

  20. Dear Class,

    A tired buff man,
    woke up from a long, dreadful sleep,
    right when the bright orange sun stared to rise,
    at his well seeded farm,
    because a woodpecker kept pecking at his window.


  21. who:friendly roadrunner
    what:build a school
    when:early in the morning
    where:by rymfire drive
    why:cause need people to learn

  22. Who: Danny
    What: Saw the Easter bunny
    When: On Easter morning
    Where: In a forest
    Why: Because he was hopping away.
    The Young Easter bunny was setting up a Easter hunt competition. The child with the most eggs would win the competition.


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