Monday, December 6, 2010

Where is Your Favorite Place to Visit?

     One of my favorite things to do is to journey into the San Juan Islands aboard a boat. Leaving from Anacortes, WA, about an hour south of Bellingham, the large, white and green, sailing vessels of the Washington State Ferry System carry me into a land of wonder. There is something different and surprising around every corner. The islands often appear to be covered by a gigantic forest of trees from far away, but when I get closer, marvelous homes surrounded by trees stand in front of me. I often wonder "How did they build a house here?"

     On a few of the islands, small towns have been built right along the shore. It is a delight to walk or bike off the ferry and check out the sights. I enjoy browsing in the bookstores and eating a tasty meal in one of the small, locally owned eateries.

     During the trip, I am sure to see many varieties of birds soaring above or bobbing around in the deep, green water. If I am lucky, I will encounter one of the majestic, graceful pods of killer whales that live part time in these islands.

     Behind the boat is a long trail of bubbly, white foam. Further in the distance on a clear day sits Mt. Baker like a sentinal keeping watch over everything. I have seen it many times, and it still takes my breath away. My next trip to the islands is only a few weeks away, and I await it with great anticipation.

Please comment! Describe your favorite place to visit.


  1. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    My favorite place to visit is Blue Fin because they have a lot of yummy food. The food is so fatting at Blue Fin.


  2. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    My favorite place to visit is my gramae's house because every time I visit I get to go to the museum of the rocky's.sincerly Bugman

  3. Dear Mr.Pahl
    My favorite place to visit is Texas. Because there are lots of animals. Like snakes and blakwido .I love TEXIS.


  4. Dear Mr.Pahl
    I love to go to Ross lake there is big fish my brother is scared of them.I put them in a bucket then i catch them and throw them out in the lake
    From Superstar

  5. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    One of the places I like to go is Califonia because I get to see my cousins their names are Jason and Sabrina.Also I love to play in sand and play in the water with my family.


  6. Dear Mr.Pahl
    My favorite plase to go is Callafona.Because I have famly there.I have an anut,ucul and two cusins.It's fun because I git to spend time with my famly

    sinseley Mr.awsome

  7. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    My favorite place to go is disney world.I like disney world because 1 thing disney world has fun rides.2 is beacause I really like the gifts shop beacause it has really fun stuffs.Thats is all I have to say.
    Little Animal

  8. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    My favorite place to visit is The Great Wolf Lodge. It has an indoor waterpark,a wave pool,an arcade,and bedtime stories. My favorite part is the water slides in the waterpark.They have great bedrooms


  9. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My favorite place would be Safeco Field because I love watching the Mariners play. Most favorite place in Safeco is the baseball shop in the lower level.
    Snake Eyes

  10. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    One of my favorite places to visit is the Oregon Coast. I biked down the coast several years ago. The road goes up and down, and some of it is very steep. The best part is the beaches. I like to take my shoes off and walk in the squishy sand out by the water's edge. If the weather is hot, I like to jump in the waves. You can walk out in the water quite a ways before it gets deep. The water tastes salty. You don't see many fish, but you might see sand-dollars. Once you start jumping into the waves and riding them in, you forget how cold they are.
    Ms. Twitchell

  11. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My favorite place to go to is Washington D.C because there is a Natural History Museum.I also like it because there are so many things to do and I can stay up late because Washigton D.C is 3 hours ahead of our time.
    From: Rylan

  12. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My favorite place to go is St.Louis because I like seeing the beautiful Arch and my two cousins Hannah and Jamie. I also like going there because I like going to the Ram's football field.
    From, Silly band

  13. Dear Mr.Pahl
    My favorite place to go to is Seattle because a lot of my family lives there. It is not too hot or not too cold in the summer. When I go to seattle I like to go to wild waves


  14. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    My favorite place to go is Cancun because it is really hot. There are many good drinks and you can drink them in the pool. Its my favorite because of the sandy beaches. While I was there we saw sombody feeding the fish bread. So we went and got bread and they ate it.
    Sincerly, Sigame

  15. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    My favorite place to go is my grandparents house because we have to drive 6 miles to get there and when we get there I'm super happy! My grandparents live in Spokane Vally and there's lots of fun places to go to! Sometimes my uncle and cosin are there and it's much more fun with them, then without.

    Cycle Star

  16. Dear Mr Pahl,
    My favorite place to go is my grandma's house. It is my favorite place to go because there is so many things to do. Like go to the farm, walk to the river and go fishing. I have only caught a part of a fish. The part was a eye.
    Tami Lynn

  17. Dear Mr Pahl,
    My favorite place to visit is Oragon.Because it's beatiful beaches. Sometimes i just jump in the water

  18. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    My favorite place to go is Hawaii because I am in warm weather. I get to splash in water. I like the water. I went snorkeling and saw sea turtles. They are enormous!

  19. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My favorite place to visit is The Kangaroo Farm. There are so many different animals and many kangaroos. There are peacocks and horses and
    a gift store. I love going to The Kangaroo Farm!

  20. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    My favorite place to visit is Hawaii.I love it in the morning when you open the curtains and the sun is blasting in your eyes like a space-ship thats on
    fire and coming down from earth.

  21. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    My favorite place to go is the mall. It has pretty things in it I think it has 80 stores and it has my favorite restaurant...McDonald’s! It has delicious hamburgers. I LOVE THE MALL VERY MUCH!!!!!

    Pretty Princess

  22. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    My favorite place to go is Seattle because I like to see the tall buildings. My favorite place in Seattle is the enormous mall. The mall has escalators so you can go to the upper mall and lower mall.


  23. Dear Mr.Pahl,

    Another of my favorite places to visit is to Mt. Baker to go skiing. Sometimes I have ski lessons, but I mostly just ski. Usually when we're don skiing and we are driving back home we stop to get pizza. The restaurant is called The North Fork.

    Sincerely, Cycle Star

  24. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I've never gone on a cruise but I have always have wanted to!But a couple mounths ago I found out that I get to go on a cruise for a whole week with my wonderful family!!!!



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