Monday, December 13, 2010

More Multiplication Facts. This Time It's Times Nine!

I'm so excited! Here are 2 more multiplication MC's to dazzle you with their "x 9 Rhmye." Give it UP!!!

This takes a lot of guts. Girls, thank you very much for all of your hard work and for taking a risk. I really appreciate you participating in this.

Mr. Pahl


  1. Dear Mr. Pahl,

    I think multiplication facts are very important for the future of your life because many jobs include mathematics and multiplication facts are a, in my opinion, a shortcut.

    Multiplication is a great way of math if you're a 4th grader because division problems are multiplication problems but switched around and so you can use multiplication strategies with division problems.

    Shark Fin

  2. I can't remember how we learned our multiplication facts, but it had to do with a circle. I always liked multiplication. You have taught the kids a great way to remember! Thanks for your creativity.
    Alexandria's Mom

  3. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I hope you have a great to the San Juan islands and HAPPY NEW YEAR I really hope you plan fun activities for us including art or free choice time.And could you bring Luna to our school for at least an hour or two.

  4. Dear Mr Pahl’s class,
    I think Lilia &Tatum did a very good job as you said it does take a lot of guts to do what they did . I hope more people put there videos on the blog



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