Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fun and Learning With Food!

Yesterday was Tuesday; that means Mara from Common Threads Farm joins us for fun, exploration, discussion, and COOKING. Our students observe, analyze and discuss healthy foods. And on days like yesterday, they actually get to read and follow a recipe as a team in order to prepare healthy, DELICIOUS Squash Soup from scratch.

We had great conversations about fractions (Exactly how much is 1/4 of an onion?) and measurement (Can I use this cup to measure 1 cup? How do I know what 1 3/4 cups is? Which line do I look at?). 

We also worked together in teams like we do in science and math, but it is something we are still learning to do better. Cooking together was a GREAT way to work on those skills. We had to read directions together, discuss the process together, LISTEN TO EACH OTHER, and take turns. These are all essentials skills, and I am so happy to have an opportunity like this to help my students learn them.

Here is our recipe:

Here is a little slideshow to give you an idea of how much fun we had. Thank you, Mara and Common Threads!

Please comment!
What was your favorite part of making Squash Soup? 
Do you think you will try making it at home? 
What are some observations you made as you chopped, mashed, stirred, and finally ATE the soup? 
What would you like us to make in the future?


  1. Dear Mara,

    Thanks again. I learned how easy it was to make squash soup. I always thought it was something hard to do, but it didn't have too many steps, and it didn't take a long time. One question I have is, about how long did you roast the squash and at what temperature?

    I am looking forward to trying this at home.
    Mr. Pahl

    1. Dear Mr. Pahl and 4th grade students,

      Thank you for inviting me to your classroom. I am so glad you enjoyed making the soup.

      Pre-cooking the squash was a very simple process. Here are the steps:

      1. Cut squash in half (you will need a large knife and adult supervision - they are hard to cut!).
      2. Remove seeds from the inside of the squash.
      3. Cut into pieces (smaller pieces cook faster).
      4. Place squash pieces on baking sheet.
      5. Bake squash at 400 degrees F for 30 - 45 minutes.
      6. You will know the squash is done when you can easily cut it with a butter knife.

      I hope that some of you can share this recipe and make it again at home!

      I am looking forward to seeing you all next week,


    2. Dear Mara,
      It was a fun messy time making that soup because we all had fun and we may have played around while doing it. We loved making that soup and I appreciate that you came to help us with it.
      From, Annabella

    3. Dear Mara,
      Thank you for telling us how to the pre-cook the squash and helping us cook the squash soup it tasted delicious!

    4. Dear Mara,

      I was wondering what we were going to make this week (Tuesday Dec.17)? I am very excited to learn to cook more food. Also will we be just making food or are we going to learn about the food pyramid? I have heard that they changed it is that true?

      Sincerely, Miranda

    5. Dear Mara,
      I really appreciate you coming in my classroom and sharing the squash soup recipe. I think it was the best soup I ever tasted so far. I am going to share this recipe with my grandma because she grows squash in her back yard all the time and I think she will love it.
      Sincerely Izabelle,

    6. Dear Mara,
      Thank you for bringing in food for us to cook squash soup. It was very fun! It was my very first time cooking.
      Sincerely, Charlie Matthews.

    7. Dear Mara,
      I really enjoyed making the soup. I had so much fun. I hope we can do something like this again. I showed this to my mom on Tuesday after school.

    8. Dear Charlie,
      Why was it fun? Also what food did Mara bring? What was your favorite part about cooking?
      From, Anny

    9. Dear Tori,
      I agree I liked the soup to. I really liked that we got to cut up veggies!!!
      From Cam!!!

  2. Dear Mara,
    I had told my family about the squash soup. And guess what my mom did make the squash soup! I got to make the soup with my cousin and little sister and brother it was very messy work but at least it was fun and good!!!
    By: Elizabeth

  3. Dear Mara
    I well do my best to show my parents.
    From Brody

  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    The most fun part cooking the squash soup was mashing up the squash. My mom give each of us a small bowl and we all the mash squash up with a lot of mess to clean.
    By: Elizabeth

  5. Dear 4th grade,
    I love math so you should to so do some math.
    From Brody

  6. Dear, Mara
    Making the soup was fun I’ve never got to cut onions with a sharp knife before. Even though I didn’t have any I think it was delicious.
    From, Alex

    1. Dear Alex,
      I agree with you it was fun because you got to use tools to cook. Even though it was not my first time.
      From your friend Jackson

    2. Dear Alex,
      I get what you’re saying about you not getting to try the soup, I didn't either because it was too hot, so I didn't eat it, but I gave it to Cameron. I think it was delicious even if I didn't try it. (I agree with you.)
      Sincerely, Kyle

    3. Dear Alex,
      I did not try the squash soap either. Although I did not try it was exciting making it. I enjoy Mara coming.
      Sincerely, Mattias

  7. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    In the future I would like to make a chocolate pie. Any kind of pie really. It is so good. My favorite thing that we did on Tuesday was stirring of the soup. I hope I can make it at home for my parents one day when they are older and I am older. It would be so fun. My parents would really enjoy it…. {I think} I had a lot of fun. I hope to do it again soon.

  8. Dear Mara,
    I really loved the squash soup. I t was so good! The day after we made the squash soup on Tuesday, I drove home and told my mom about the soup we made. That night me and my mom made the soup and ate it for dinner. I really liked it a lot. I hope we get to make it again!
    Sincerely, Amaya!

  9. Dear Mr. Pahl
    The soup taste good thank you for the soup mara
    from darren

  10. Dear, Mara
    I think making the was very fun and great... but also very tasty. I also think it's good:) for a child to learn those skills!!

  11. Dear parents,

    We have learned about making squash soup but do you know how to make applesauce? The ingredients for applesauce are:
    1) Apples (one per the people making it)
    2) Brown sugar (1 Tablespoon)
    3) Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)
    4) Water (1/4 cup)

    What to do:
    1) Mash apples in bowl.
    2) Add brown sugar.
    3) Add cinnamon.
    4) Clean up area and help your team!

    What I smell is a warm apple pie sitting and waiting to get eaten. The apples were sizzling but now it’s not. It tastes like cinnamon a LOT. ENJOY!
    Sebastian R

  12. Dear 4th graders,

    Yesterday, I was asked what type of squash we used for the soup. When we made the soup in class, we used a few different types of winter squash. We used Butternut squash, Delicata squash, and Blue Hubbard squash. Any winter squash will work well in this soup - try a variety!

    Happy Holidays!
    Looking forward to seeing you all in January,



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