Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanks Again, PTA

We have such a wonderful, hard working PTA. This gorgeous sign appeared in front of our school a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for all you do for us Sunnyland PTA!


  1. Dear PTA,

    Thank you for putting up the new sign in the front lawn. I think it will really help people to know what is going on in Sunnyland Elementary.

    Sincerely, Miranda

  2. Dear PTA,
    Thank you for the sign. It is very new looking.
    From Benjamin,

  3. Dear PTA,
    Thank you so much for the new sign outside it makes Sunnyland even sunnier. And now thanks to the new sign people can see what is going on at Sunnyland!
    By: Elizabeth

  4. Dear PTA,
    Thank you once again PTA I love the sign it is the best thing I’ve seen out in the front of the school.

  5. Dear PTA, I personally think that is very helpful to put up the sign meaning if any one did not know about Thanksgiving break “just for example” they can look at the sign. THANKYOU! Sincerely, Jaymeson

  6. Dear PTA,
    Thank you for the new sign it looks neat right at the hill. I like how it shows what time festivals and book fairs are going to close great new feature to the school.
    From Eli

  7. Dear PTA,
    I want to thank every one of you for getting us that new sign. I like to have a sign so my parents and I can know what is going on.
    From Tim

  8. Dear PTA,
    Thank you for buying a new sign for our school and it look really neat and cool it tells people what is going on in our school like when is the book fair is coming thank you all your hard work at sunnyland and helping teacher and kids that who needs helps.
    From Angelina

  9. Dear Parent Teacher Association,
    Thank you for working so hard to give us a safe environment to learn in, and a safe place to be in general. You guys have worked very hard in the past years and this one. We want to thank you for everything.
    Tori Mr. Pahls 4th grade student

  10. Dear PTA,
    Thank you for the sign hopefully people driving by will see it and also I hope we did well in the food drive!
    Sincerely, Ellis

  11. Dear Miranda,
    I totally agree I think it will help because it will tell others what is happening in Sunnyland


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