Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Contour Drawing and Water Color

Students have been learning about contour drawing which is drawing the outside line of an object.  They have also been gaining understanding of mixing secondary colors from warm and cool primary colors.  The students used these skills to draw and paint the leaves.  They first drew the leaf then painted the inside with water.  When the paper was still wet students dropped in analogous colors that reflected the colors of the leaves they saw while at Memorial Park. 

The students then wrote poems using the words they wrote down when observing the trees.  This was their first of many poems they will write this year.


  1. I really love how everybody drawed what they see because Ms. Avera wanted us to draw what we see. Thank you everyone who did their job and who did what was asked.
    From, Annabella

    1. Dear Annabella,
      I agree with you, we did a great job and Ms. Avera did tell us to draw what we saw. She gave us a few leaves to draw and I think our hard work paid off! All of the leaves are beautiful and unique and I think Ms. Avera is proud of us.
      From, Charlize

    2. Dear fourth graders,
      Congratulations! Those leafs are beautiful and creative. Thanks to Ms. Avera and are skill of art we made beautiful pieces of art. Hope we can do more art sometime soon. 

  2. Dear fourth graders,
    I love all the leaves that everybody drew. I just wanted to say that everybody did a great job. I love the colors that you guys mixed, to make different shades. Oh and one more thing…. You are all wonderful at art!
    Sincerely, Amaya

  3. Dear Alanis,

    I love your leaf. It is awesome. I love the colors. Because the oranges, reds and yellows!

  4. Dear Fourth graders
    Those leaf drawings were beautiful! I liked everyone’s drawings.
    Sincerely, Ellis

  5. Dear Mr. Pahl

    I just loved the plan of painting leaves I also like how we painted them they were
    Just great
    Sincerely, Danny

  6. Dear 4th graders

    The paintings are the most marvels thing I ever seen in the whole world. I love the colors because the look like an artist panted them with all that passion and care with what Ms. Avera was showing them. Where did Ms. Avera learn how to do that!

  7. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I love how we made our leaves! Because they were just perfect they had the vanes and the color. We made them like real leaves!

    From, Asher


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