Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Space: An Artist's View

We are always so lucky to have Mrs. Heywood and Jo join us for art lessons. Here is the description of the project from Mrs. Heywood:
"This project connects science investigations with art. Using a flashlight and a Styrofoam ball, we began by exploring how light falls on a sphere, creating a range of values from highlights to darker shades.   Students created their own highlights and shadows using chalk pastels on black paper.  They used spatial devices such as overlapping and diminishing size,  to convey a sense of depth in their artworks.  Look closely to see where some students added details like rings around the planets, atmospheric layers, stars, and clouds/colored gases. "
And here are the marvelous creations by students! Thank you Mrs Heywood and Jo!
Hover over the slideshow and click on the speaker icon near the bottom to play the music during the show.

Phoebe, thank you for making the slide show.
Please comment!
What is an art skill you learned from participating in this project?
What do you like about students' creations?
In what ways have you improved as an artist this year?

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    That space art was EXTREMELY fun because we were drawing a picture about what we are learning about. I can't wait to do more artwork on space.


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