Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Space Science

You need Flash installed on your computer to see this animation that provides a unique view into the different sizes of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.

Here is an interesting website through the Mundesley Junior School.

And check out this cool activity from Science Net Links that allows you to compare the size of 2 different planets or bodies in space:


  1. Dear class,
    What do you think was the favorite part of the comparing experiment about the Earth, Moon, and Sun? My favorite part was looking at the procedure, when you can get creative and show the sizes of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, starting with the Moon itself. I hope you cosmic classmates have a good time!
    Sincerely, Fiona

  2. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I have enjoyed doing space science with you. It has been fun learning about the different sizes of the planets.
    From, Rhiannon

  3. Dear Mr. Pahl, I really like the video about the horizon. I have seen the horizon in the sky.
    From, Nyzel


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