Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rhyming Poems

There is no need for poetry to rhyme, but when it does, it is necessary for us to be able to identify the rhyming pattern. In the last week of the mini poetry unit, we read, discussed, and wrote AA BB... and AB AB... ryhming poems.

Please share your rhyming poems in the Comments! 


  1. Sadness

    Gloom, not so good, sadness
    You feeling blue?
    Sadness is madness
    You feeling gloom?

    Something not going well?
    Look on the bright side
    So what if you stumbled and fell
    Stretch that smile big and wide

    You get a bad score on a test
    Boom! Boom! Of your feet dragging on the floor
    This day is not my best
    I’m just going to walk out the door

    by Lilly

  2. It’s quite a muck
    Oops I stepped in it
    I think I’m stuck
    Its hardening cut a slit

    I’m the color of gray
    It’s getting quite dry
    Forever I stay
    What am I ?

  3. Pudding

    Gooey gooey mushy
    Mash mash gushy
    Pudding chocolate flavor
    The sweet taste I savor

    Slurp slurp yum
    Yummy yummy in my tum
    Pudding, a slice of heaven
    Ah, it’s gone, I’m starvin’


  4. GIANT
    Taller than a Redwood Tree,
    He stands plainly right there,
    He is right in front of me,
    I feel smaller than a hare,

    I don’t know if he can see,
    He drinks lakes in a gulp,
    I wonder if he’s scared of me,
    From the rocks he squeezes pulp!

    I wonder what size shoe he wears,
    His foot must be the size of a boat,
    I’ll swim away with one of his mares,
    His big boat feet probably float,

    He will come right out of the cloud,
    From in the sky rain comes and pours,
    And soon, louder than loud,
    Come the Giants roars!

    Ashley G.


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