Sunday, February 6, 2011

More From Jack!

Bonjour again, Room 12. I'll try to answer all of your questions and tell you a little bit more about France.

First of all, I don't really speak French very well yet, but my mom can speak French pretty well, so that helps. Secondly, France is not hot, especially at this time of year. Weatherwise, it's a lot like Bellingham. In other ways, it's really different. In France, there are a lot of OLD buildings (like 1000 years old!!). For instance, near our apartment, there's a castle that was build in 1232. We're going to visit it again this afternoon with my mom's college students. Google "Chateau d'Angers" to see some images of it - it's very cool!

I have learned many new French phrases and words that I didn't know before, such as "J'habite à Bellingham aux Etats Unis." (I live in Bellingham in the United States.) "Ça va?" (How's it going?) and "Je ne parle pas bien le français." (I don't speak French very well.)

Yesterday I went to a soccer game (called "football" here) - the Angers team played a team called Claremont Foot. Angers won!

That's all for now! À toute a l'heure!


  1. Dear Jack,
    Hi again, I have some questions. What are the buildings like in France? Are 100 years old or 150 or 200 Years old? Did you make any friends? If so, did you learn a new French sport or game with them? Happy days in France Jack.

    Shark Fin

  2. Dear Jack,
    Do you live in france or are you visiting? If you are just visiting does a family member live there? Well I hope you have a good time!!!!!!

    Tami Lynn

  3. Hi Jack,

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing to tell us about your time in France. I am so very happy you get to have this experience because I haven't ever spent much time in another country. It seems like I have hundreds of questions in my mind, but I will only ask a few. :-)

    What is a day like in Angers? Is it similar to your days here in Bellingham, or is it really different? You live in an apartment in the city there, right? Is it noisy and busy all the time? What do you like most about it so far? What do you miss about Bellingham?

    Thanks again, Jack. I look forward to reading your next post!

    Mr. Pahl

  4. Dear jack,
    It sounds like your having a blast! Was the soccer game good? like how was the game overall? and what did the castle look like? i have so many questions for when you get back!
    From Bryan

  5. Dear Jack,
    I hope you are having a good time in France.It would be Really hard for me to learn french to.Have a good time.
    Tami Lynn


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