Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mystery Skype!

This week, both 4th grade classes had the opportunity to Skype with other classes in the United States. It was so much fun!

They didn't know it ahead of time, but they were both Skyping with 4th grade students from JFK Elementary School in Franklin, Massachusetts!  

They have a blog, too. You can find them at

During our Skype, we found out that they have a Bellingham in Massachusetts, too! It is just outside of Franklin, where our Skype friends live. 

Please Comment!

What did you like about our Skype?

What did you learn? 

What are other questions you have for your new friends that you didn't get to ask during our Skype?


  1. Dear class,
    Hopefully we can do another Mystery Skype but we know what Mr. Pahl said, it’s too hard to set up a Mystery Skype. But we do get to Skype with a Marine Biologist it will be full of fun and fantastic! Later I hope we can get another Skype, probably not because we have an end of the year coming.
    From, Eli

    1. Dear Eli,
      I think we will do another Skype. We are doing the Skype with a marine biologist, remember? I can’t wait until then! It will be so fun to ask her questions about whales, and their lifestyles.
      From, Sam

  2. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    From the Mystery Skype I learned how to use an atlas, Google earth. The part I liked was when we got to guess where they were because we got to use atlases, I pads and computers.

    From, Silas

  3. Dear Sunnyland,
    The Skype was really fun and I can’t believe they figured us out so fast. I wonder who are we going to Skype with next.
    From, Benjamin

  4. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    The Skype was fun and amazing I loved the way that you have clues then you get the state capital then you’re all rushing trying to find it out first. Well that and how many more Skype’s are we going to do. Please replay.
    From Alex,

  5. Dear Mrs. Merton’s class,

    My name is Miranda. I just wanted to say how fun I thought Tie-Dye Tuesday looked. Do you do that annually or monthly or was that a one-time event?

    Sincerely, Miranda

  6. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I learned that they start school when we are fast sound asleep!! I was wondering when its 9:00 for them what time is it for us.

  7. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    My favorite part about Skype was getting to know where they are from, and asking the questions to find out where they were from.

  8. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    One thing I liked skyping with them is that it was a different experience for us and them and I like how we were able to interact with people in a different city. A question I had was “What is another city, state or town that boarders you state?”. I think this was a great idea. I learned that interacting with different schools really can change people lives.
    From, Evyn

    1. Dear Evyn,
      I also wonder what city they border! I agree with you that it was a fun way to interact with people.

  9. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I would want to all so ask if any student in their class a family member by us?
    Sincerely, Annabella

  10. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    Some questions I would ask them are…
    • What do you do in your spare time?
    • Do you play video games if so what kind?
    • Do you have T-shirts of your school?
    • How big do you think your playground is?
    From, Eric

  11. Dear Mr. Pahl
    That was very fun I think on the first five questions we gave them they knew our state that’s funny. And I hope we get to do it again. Thank you for bring fun technology into our class room.

  12. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    What I Liked is that we got to learn and use our social studies skills to find out where they are.
    Sincerely, Jaymeson

  13. Dear Mr. pahl
    Well I wasn't there but If I got to Skype with someone I didn't know I would ask them what they’re learning and where they live. Then I would ask them what their name was and important things about them

    1. Dear Liam,
      I feel so bad that you weren't there. It was so fun. It was like you were in there room.

      From, Micah

  14. Dear mr. pahl,
    What I liked about Skype even though I wasn't there when that happened I wish I was there at that moment because it would be cool talking with other kids in different countries. From Brian.

  15. Dear Sunnyland Fourth Grade Class,
    I just wanted to say I loved Skyping with you, and I hope your principal's husband feels better. Our school does 4th grade Tie Dye shirts every year. We wear them for a lot of special activities like for our chorus concert today or the Coffeehouse and Sports Day.
    Your friend from JFK,

    1. Dear Lily,
      How did you know that our principal’s husband is sick? Anyway I also loved to Skype with your class, it was too much fun don’t you think? So in class do you have music and if so what do you do in music and what time does it start? I never knew you had a Bellingham near your school, that’s very interesting!
      From: Anny

    2. Dear Lily,
      What color tie dye shirts do you where? Do you have half days every Wednesday? We do.
      Sincerely, Maximus

  16. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I liked it when I got to meet another Kylie at JFK Franklin, Massachusetts! I also liked it when I figured out that the other Kylie has some German relatives like me! A few questions that I wanted to ask the other class was:
    What are your favorite movies?
    What do you like to read?
    Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    If so, I would like to ask these to the other mystery Skype class we’re doing it with.
    From, Kyle

  17. Dear 4th graders,
    It was really fun Skyping with them because we can explore a whole different state and learn from each other. It was exciting when we all learned which state we were in. I really liked our mystery Skype and hopefully we can do it again!
    -Charlize :D

  18. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I liked being able to talk to another fourth grade class that is far away and I thought that it was fun to try to find were the other class was. Something I learned was that there was a Bellingham in Massachusetts.
    Sincerely, Kayden

  19. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I missed the mystery Skype on Wednesday, but Cameron and Tori told me all about it and gave me all the details so it was actually kind of like I was there. I can’t wait to have the other mystery skype with another class in another state.
    From, Amaya

  20. Dear 4th grade,
    I think Skyping with another class in Massachusetts was really fun. I’m really glad that we get to do another Mystery Skype It was really exciting when we found out what state the other class was in. I wonder who were going to Skype with next in the world.
    -Sarah H.

  21. Dear students,
    What is an animal only found is your state? What is your state bird? These are some questions I would ask the other class.
    Sincerely, Mattias

  22. Dear class,
    This was an outstanding thing to do. Mr. Pahl put a lot of effort into doing this for us. The Skyping has been very fun. He has tried to look for different times to do this. It’s been very fun Skyping. Thank you!!!
    From- Sebastian

  23. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I liked the experience of talking to someone in a different state without being in their state. It was fun meeting a new Kylé. I laughed. I am thankful for being able to do this.

  24. Dear Sunnyland,
    I loved the Skype it was very fun and they really know there facts about states, wow.
    From, Benjamin

  25. I have learned a lot about orcas. I learned that most of the orcas around here are in the J K and L pod. They eat mostly salmon. There might be other killer whales, but they are called transient not residents. We also learned that granny is 103 years old. Transient orcas eat other large mammals. Another thing that I leaned was that instead of teeth orcas have baleen and it is made out of the same stuff our finger nails and our hair is made out of.
    From, Kayden


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