Monday, September 16, 2013

What is Science?

During early science lessons, we are discussing and sharing our ideas about what science is.


There are MANY answers to this question.  This website gives us some pretty good ideas.

This video made by another teacher also helps identify the various aspects of science.

We will be doing more thinking, questionning, and discussing on this topic over the coming days.

In addition to thinking about science, we have been asking questions about and attempting to identify characteristics of scientists themselves. Check out some of the videos from Secret Lives of Scientists to expand your understanding of who scientists are and what they do!


  1. Dear Mr. Pahl.
    I really like the first what is science video. It is all sorts of things. By the way I like the Katy Perry “Part of Me “song in the background.


  2. Dear . Mr. Pahl
    I really like the what is science video. My favorite part was when you put the great white shark with the seal in its mouth in the video. The music was excellent I loved it. I like how you put the words in the video.


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