Monday, May 20, 2013

March 18-29

Thanks Devin for working on this Animoto of the events and activities from March.


  1. Dear Devin,
    I love the Animoto. And the music is great. Good job.
    P.S the picture of me ,Ella and Karoline is embarrassing!
    From, Cathy

  2. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I cannot believe we won the Washington Achievement Award. It was amazing also Cathy, Ella and Karoline did a great song for Sunnyland got talent.
    From, Austin

  3. Dear Class,
    I thought that when we did that activity wear we measured are arms, step and things like that it was really fun. But I still can say that I might have learned something from doing that. D you agree?

  4. Dear Devin,
    This animoto was outstanding! One of the things in the video that I like was the Chinese acrobats. Even though it was one image, it was fun to watch. I also liked the measurement session because we get to measure the parts of our body and recording it into our paper. I also like how Sunnyland has enough money to get stacks for every class every single day! I really enjoyed the snacks too.


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