Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 5 - 9

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Share something you learned this week.

Share something you will remember about this week.


  1. Thanks Mr. Pahl, I'd substitute these snapshots of fourth grade for the memories I have. One big project I remember helping out on is our whole school trying to put 1 million dots on a piece of paper spooled from a long roll. It took several days...a million sure seemed like a lot back then! That and losing my dental retainer in my school lunch and going through the school garbage until I found it. Never blogging!

  2. I really liked it when I got to be goalie. I wish we get to do it again
    From, Dyna

  3. Dear Mr. Pahl,I liked the Emily Carr video in the class glog the
    Pictures are so in trysting. From Nyzel

  4. It’s fun looking back at what our class did a while ago!

  5. I loved it when I got to be goalie when we played hockey every Thursday and Friday and also extremely loved it when I gotten to be defense.

  6. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I’m wondering about our next special guest? Do you know who it’s gonna be?
    Sincerely, Avery


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