Friday, October 19, 2012

October 15-19

What have we been up to this week?

Mathematicians have been learning to quickly and efficiently multiply numbers 0-12, and then use that knowledge to multiply 2 digit x 1 digit numbers. They have also been representing multiplication problems with arrays and using arrays to help them identify the factors of numbers. Students already proficient with basic multiplication have learned to multiply 2 digit and 3 digit x 2 digit numbers and have begun learning the division algorithm.

Authors in room 12 are using their superior use of language to "re-write" the classic children's book Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathman. In the next phase of this process, the authors will narrate the story using Photo Story 3 for Windows. We hope to have those ready to share with you next week.

Thinkers and questioners and outstanding readers have been devouring books! Several adults have commented "You have a class of readers!" Yes, we do. Thinking about their thinking has been the task at hand; students have been asking questions before, during, and after reading to help them better comprehend the text. Many excellent learners are also seeking out the answers to their questions and recording those in their reading journals. Good readers know to look for the answers to questions later in the text, or by going to another source if necessary.

Technology skills abound! Computer whizzes in room 12 have already learned to use several different applications and web tools, and to move effortlessly between windows. "Facilitated" independence is the goal, so they are also learning various troubleshooting skills that help them when things don't quite work the way we think they should. In order to use these applications effectively, students are also learning how to save files, move files around between folders, and how to create folders in different locations and on different networks! We know that collaboration is an important aspect of successful classrooms, so students are working in small groups on technology projects and are producing unique, creative artifacts to showcase their learning.

Thank you to our awesome volunteers! Matt, Tara, Fiona, Kate, Steve, Carolyn, Jo, and John have enabled me to get so many more things done AND have been awesome support for students.

Here is the second slideshow created by Shawn, Makani, and Devin highlighting the students' learning for the week of October 15-19.


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