Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Poetry! Who? What? When? Where? Why?

This has been a really popular poem structure with my previous classes, so I continue to introduce it each year. The way to write this poem is to answer each question on each line. It's easiest to start with a really basic idea, then do some revising to make it "delicious!"

Why does Mr. Pahl call vivid language "delicious?" Well, several years ago, I read Grace Lin's Year of the Dog to my class. She writes beautifully of the feasts her Chinese American family had on special occasions when she was growing up. Each time we read a passage about one of these feasts, several students would exclaim, "That sounds so delicious!" And this is how "delicious words" came to be. Grace Lin's books are full of this exceptional, descriptive language. I highly recommend them.

Please share your  Who? What? When? Where? Why? Poems in the comments!


  1. The joyful girl Ava,
    Took a fun filled vacation,
    In the gross, rainy winter,
    To the beautiful sunny warm country Mexico,
    So she could get some vitamin D!!!!!

  2. Who what when where why poem

    My friend plump Robert
    Went on a glorious stroll
    After a bountiful feast
    In the jade treed forest
    To find the mythical Amber Dragon
    From Daniel

  3. Huver a math loving 10 year old 4th grader

    Went outside to ride his Bike

    On a Sunday afternoon

    On his street

    To get his friend

  4. One beautiful crisp summer afternoon
    my aunt’s 12 year old appaloosa stallion Kieote
    was playing in the mud
    because it was as hot as Texas


    1. I like how you have a lot of descriptive words like one beautiful crisp summer.


  5. On a warm, summer afternoon,
    A purple playful Persian kitten
    Crept through the towering emerald green grass,
    As quiet as a hawk,
    About to pounce on an unexpecting petite scarlet breasted robin,
    Plucking worms the color of roses from the edge of the middle school soccer field,
    That was full of soil.

    Ashley G.

    1. Wow Ashley! I can see the picture in my head. Nice descriptive words like emerald green grass. Sincerely,

  6. Me Josh, a ten year old boy
    tumbled loudly down the stairs
    at 2:00 on Monday morning
    in my big, blue 2 story house
    because I was careless.

  7. A lime green, four eyed alien who is a boy,
    Went to the alien store,
    When the sun was just rising like a cherry blossom,
    At the planet Mercury,
    because he was out of alien fruit.

    By Kathy

    1. I like all the descriptive words like a lime green.


  8. My Mom, My crafty intelligent mom
    Slept like a murky black baby cat
    On her queen size bed
    On a humid cloudy Sunday morning
    Because she was tired
    From, Anna

  9. Me and my wonderful B.F. (best friend) Kathy
    Laughed like a hyena, sweated like we wear on the sun and played with each other like it was the best day ever
    On a very hot sunny Saturday
    At Kathy’s sparkling clean nice house
    Well playing her amazing Xbox 360!!!

  10. Sterling a blondish brownish haired boy Kicks a soccer ball with all his might At 1:30 on Saturday in Spring At a soccer game on Northwest Field from, Lilly

  11. Avery
    Helped me on my work
    Yesterday morning
    At our awesome beautiful school
    Because I needed help with a problem on my fun math review

    from, Sa`mya

  12. a martial artist that’s named Guru who is in his teens went to the food-filled refrigerator door at midnight on a full moon at a dojo because he was starving
    By Kathy


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