Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kate Visited The Pacific Science Center!

Hello! Have you ever gone to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle? Well, I was there earlier in November. There were exhibits like finger printing, telekinesis, and displays about different diseases. One of the best parts of the day was getting to touch an actual human brain! I made a Photo Story about my trip. To find out more about the Pacific Science Center, go to


  1. Dear Kate,

    What did it feel like to touch a human brain? If I touch a human brain I would be grossed out. Was it fun? It sounds awesome. What kind of diseases? That is cool to see that stuff.

  2. Dear Kate,
    Your trip to the Pacific Science Center looks like fun. What did the brain feel like? I saw the photo story it is very nice. I like the picture of the birds.
    Anna C

  3. Dear Kate,
    I think it is really cool that you got to go to the Pacific Science center. I would love to go there! Was it interesting?


  4. Dear Kate,
    I have gone to the Pacific Science Center last year during the Star Wars exhibit & the butterfly room. Was the butterfly room open? Did you really touch a human brain? How many kinds of diseases were there?


  5. Dear Kate, what did it feel when you touched the brain? Did you feel weird? I wonder if the brain is mushy or slimy? I haven‘t been to the Science Center yet but I want to! Do you know anything about the brain?
    From, Kathy


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