Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday

Hello fantastic students!

As usual when I am away, I miss you very much. Your energy, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and your kindness add so much to my life each day. Luckily, I am learning great things while I am away that we will be able to use in our classroom right away! The best thing I learned this week was something that will help YOU become better learners. I am really excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you. I’m not being more specific because I want to surprise you. Make sure you’re there on Monday to find out what it is. Until then, please write a few sentences telling me about something you learned this week. Have a great remainder of your day and a terrific weekend.

Mr. Pahl


  1. I have learnd how to start a story and end a story.From Ava

  2. I learned about in the math reiview that landmark numders are not just numbers.They are numbers of multipules of ten.By the way I cant wate to see what you got to teach us.

    Lightning bolt

  3. Mr. Pahl,
    We hope you're having a great day! The room 12 students are awesome! We did have one glitch - the computers crashed during spelling tests, and only a few students were able to print out their results. This was the craziest part of the day!

    ~Mrs. B :)

  4. Dear Mr.pahl
    This week I leard about kilograms and grams.
    Also this week the math review is a little harder.


  5. Dear Mr.Pahl I have learned how to do divition.You have tought me to do multiplycation to help me do divition.From Star

  6. Dear Mr. Pahl
    I learnd about kilograms and grams in the math reveiw this week. I want to learn more about messurment. I also learnd more multiplication.

    From: Bugerpotpie

  7. Dear Mr.Pahl,
    I got better divison.I also got better at time do you now the hard challeng i am getting it all right.

  8. I lrnead how to be bater at math and reading but i am still haveing trubl in reading.

  9. dearMR. Phal one thing we learned this week is more diviser problems and meter problems. when are you coming back. from Genius

  10. Dear Mr.Pahl
    I learned how many grams in a kilogram and that stuff.

    I larned more about indenting and all that indent before a paragraph.

    I'm getting in to poetry, I'm learning at home about poety i'm reading porty books and mother goes tails to get an idea of what it is. I'm really writing a book of poems that I know.

    I'm starting to get smoother and smoother with division and multiplication because all the division and mulipliacation stratigies I'm geting into the main path.

    Shark Fin

  11. i have learnd more divion and mesurment and graphs from

  12. Dear Mr.pahl
    Im not very happy that you are gone but we are having a tons of fun with the sub but not as much as we would have if you were with us.
    And i need alots of help on math reviews and on the math review quiz because I got NONE right on the quiz today.And one thing we learned is new stuff on art today another thing i learned yesterday is to NEVER give up and keep trying

  13. dear.Mr.Pahl
    I learnd what the word tibutary mens it mems that small strems go in biger strems. from superstar

  14. we lrend to not talk in the class libary wene the teacher talking abot when something is in porting that you need to talk abot to us.And to follw the drechens to. from pretty princess

  15. I learned more about students for salmon.Also we did a students for salmon word seach it was so SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!

  16. Hi Mr. Pahl, I learned more about the divsion problems. I got the divsion problem right on the math review quiz. I was sad on Thursday when you were not teaching math class,but i had fun any ways. On Saturday i am going trick or treating down town with my cousins. See you on Monday! Hope you have a good weekend. From Sillyband

  17. I larnd how to spell friend p.s bullvoll

  18. I have learned more about doing division problems on the math review.I didn't get it because my math was right but I think the adding was wrong.
    snake eyes

  19. I learned about the flee map. I might use it in writing again, for planning. fon mr.awesome

  20. Dear Mr. Pahl,
    I learned about samon.I never now that samon had sikell. From,Annac

  21. Mr.Pahl,
    How do you do that? some day I wish I could do that.


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